Dussehra Prepositions Worksheet

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Dussehra Prepositions Worksheet

Suitable for children 3 years and older
Hindus celebrate Dussehra, also known as Dasara or Vijayadashami, as the victory of Rama, a Vishnu avatar, over the ten-headed demon king Ravana, who kidnapped Rama’s bride, Sita. The terms dasha (“ten”) and hara (“defeat”) in Sanskrit are the source of the festival’s name.
The ten-day festival of “Dussehra” marks the conclusion of this festival, which begins with Navratri. Due to the fact that it signifies the end of the sweltering summer and the beginning of the winter season, Navratri and Dussehra are celebrated simultaneously across the nation with a variety of traditions but a lot of passion and energy.
The Ramlila, a recreation of Lord Rama’s life, takes place in the nine days before Dussehra.


Dussehra Prepositions is a set of worksheets for enhancing spatial concept and knowledge of prepositions in children. Additionally, this collection helps children develop language and speech skills by direction following and sentence making.


Prepositions are words placed before nouns, pronouns or a noun phrase. They show direction, spatial relationship, time, place, and location of an object. In this packet, six  prepositions have been used: “in,” “on,” “behind,” “next to”, “in front”, “in between”, and “above”. 


This bundle has 2 worksheets on Dussehra prepositions. It also works on attention skills. In addition, you can use this resource digitally or print it. Answers have been provided for educators/ parents to cross check.This packet serves kids 4 years+  Not only is it a useful resource for parents, but also for educators and therapists.

This resource is by speech language therapists and educators at 1SpecialPlace. Therefore, we hope it will add value in your teaching methods!

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