Healthy Indian Style Recipes for kids

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Healthy Indian Style Recipes for kids – Gluten free, homemade alternatives to packaged foods

Are you looking for Healthy Indian Style Recipes ideas to get your child to eat healthy? You have picked the right book. In this recipe book, you will learn about different meal options to prepare.
This book has 50 Healthy Indian Style Recipes that your child will love!
There are gluten free recipes, a lot of snack recipes and homemade alternatives to packaged foods. In the case of children with ASD, there is no sample diet or diet for autism. Every child has a unique set of symptoms which requires different counselling and diet advice all together.
This book also has recipes that could be good appetizers for your picky eater. For some children gaining weight could be difficult because of poor appetite or unable to eat for various reasons. Adding snack options mentioned in the recipe book can help improve intake and add in extra calories to diet.
If your child is a picky eater he or she could be prone to deficiency and diseases eventually. Hence focus on a balanced diet and including all food groups throughout the day. What do I mean by that? You need to make sure that the meals prepared that day has cereals, dals, beans (like kidney beans), vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, chicken/ fish/ egg, and some condiments to prevent nutritional deficiency or diseases in the future.
Did you know that food additives like artificial flavours, artificial colour, artificial sweetener, preservatives are equally harmful as pesticides and fertilisers? Yes, these chemicals are extremely bad and require a lot of water, vitamins and minerals to be flushed out. This means that your child needs those extra vitamins, minerals and water to flush out of your child’s body.
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