Eid Al-Adha Worksheet Bundle

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Worksheet bundle for learning about Eid-Al Adha! Great for young learners.


Eid Al- Adha is a Muslim festival. It is also known as the Greater Eid or Big Eid. It is also known as the festival of sacrifice. It signifies the importance of faith and obedience to Allah. It is an important festival of the followers of Islam.

Use this worksheet bundle in therapy or at home to work to different aspects about this great festival!

Includes :

  • 24 worksheets
  • Eid Colouring book

Great for :

  • Students in speech therapy
  • Students in special education classes
  • Homeschooling

Age :  5years+

Print or use digitally!

Can be used in your phone/tablet/computer as a digital resource.



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