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Holi Colouring Worksheet  is a colouring page for children. Holi is an exciting Hindu festival which is a lot of fun! Kids love playing with water guns and that’s the theme for this worksheet!

Colouring Skills

Holi is a colourful festival and a great opportunity for kids to learn and revise a variety of new concepts in the classroom and even outside! 

Includes: 1 Holi colouring worksheet page

Great for :

  • Students in speech therapy
  • Students in special education classes
  • Tele-therapy sessions
  • Can be given as Homework worksheets to students.

Age :  3years+

This resource worksheet has been prepared by therapists at 1SpecialPlace. Therefore, we hope it will add value in your teaching methods!

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Holi Festival of Colours: Top Speech Activities

Holi is a festival of colours. Children of all ages love to play Holi. It is one of the most loved festivals in our country. Once again, it is that exciting & special time of the year where we celebrate Holi Festival of Colours.

With the festival of Holi coming soon, here some fun-filled Holi themed speech activities that you and your children can enjoy at home!! Getting messy with colours!!

For this activity, all you need are a few primary colours such as red, blue and yellow. You can use Holi colours or even body paint. You can take your child’s hand and apply the colour red. Once you apply this colour, your child may take their hand and start rubbing the colour or even spreading it out. Do not stop them! Let them explore. You can then match other objects that are red in colour. Once you have done that, you can pour some yellow paint into your child’s palm and mix it to get a nice orange colour. You can continue this activity with various colours and their combinations. Keep experimenting!!


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