Let’s learn spellings

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This is a an amazing workbook to teach spellings to children with learning disability and difficulties. It provides rules of learning spellings and worksheets for practice. 

Teaching spelling should be fun and motivating for children. Especially kids who face difficulties with spelling words, mix up letters and have learning challenges need extra help.

This workbook provides adequate examples and practice in an easy way.
There are various methods to improve spellings. Here is one which kids love:

Clap and punch

It involves asking the child to clap for the consonant and punch for the vowel. It involves kinaesthetic and tactile senses. This also gives them a mental note of the number of consonants and vowels in the word. It is very effective to teach non-phonetic sight words.

Let’s learn Spellings Book

This book offers activities and worksheets to teach spellings. Let’s learn Spellings Book serves kids 4 years+  It is useful resource for parents, educators and therapists.

The book  by childhood educators and experts and 1SpecialPlace. We hope it will add value in your teaching methods!

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