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News of the Month July 2023

News of the Month July 2023

Here we are with News of the Month july 023.

START- The new app that can help identify autistic children in India

According to a study from Delhi, a new software can detect autistic and related neurodevelopmental abnormalities in youngsters in India. Autism, often known as autism spectrum disorder, refers to a wide range of diseases that affect how the brain develops.

Globally, one in 100 children suffer from autism, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability causing severe challenges in social, behavior and communication. Their thinking and problem solving abilities are different from others.

ASD includes the following conditions –

  • autistic disorder

  • Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified

  • Asperger syndrome

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A Down’s Syndrome Couple and Their Special Monsoon Wedding

Vignesh Krishnaswamy and Ananya Sawant were wed in Pune on Wednesday with two lovely ceremonies in the Tamil and Maharashtrian styles. For the two, who both had Down’s Syndrome, a disease marked by the presence of an additional 21st chromosome, the monsoon wedding was a really extraordinary and touching occasion.
While their family watched lovingly, the newlyweds, resplendent in pink and white silk, conducted several ceremonies and strolled on a carpet of flowers while holding hands.

Every child with Down syndrome is unique and and may possess these characteristics to different degrees.

Children with Down syndrome are at a high risk for certain medical conditions such as congenital heart defects, respiratory and hearing problems, childhood leukemia and thyroid conditions.

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Chandigarh: Sensory park set to be reality soon

After a lengthy hiatus of four years, Sector 22-D will soon see the construction of a sensory park for individuals with special needs after Chandigarh Smart City Limited (CSCL) submitted the lowest bid.

Since 2019, the CSCL has been preparing to construct this park. It originally intended to build the park in Sector 35, but eventually decided on a location in front of Sector 22-D Gurdwara. Despite issuing multiple tenders for the project in the past, the CSCL was unable to attract any takers.

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The World Autism Awareness Day statement from an Android developer is to “take pride in who you are.”

Android developer Aniket Kadam works for an Indian IT business named 100ms. UN News asked him to share his experiences with autism and a message in honour of World Autism Awareness Day after he participated on a panel discussing work related to the global theme “Transformation: Towards a Neuro-Inclusive World for All” during the pre-recorded UN event on April 2.

Treatment or intervention of Autism is a very extensive comprehensive program which involves a host of professionals and the child’s family. The following are some key points to consider when working with children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

SuperBottoms unveils India’s first special needs nappy for kids with mobility issues in the latest retail news from India.

India is home to 8 million youngsters, many of whom have mobility issues and persistent incontinence, according to a research by UNESCO. Traditional infant diapers, however, are only offered until the age of three, while adult diapers normally begin at the age of 15, creating a significant gap for children aged 5 to 14. India’s first Special requirements Diaper was introduced by SuperBottoms, a pioneer in cloth diapering, in response to the requirements of parents and carers in this community.

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Disability evaluation is a challenging task for NEET qualifiers.

Only 3,500 students with disabilities passed the NEET 2023 MBBS entrance exam, but the procedure of having the severity of their impairments evaluated in order to qualify for the 5% quota for people with disabilities is proving to be difficult.
About 7,800 people with impairments out of the over 20 lakh who took the NEET exam and just over 3,500 out of the almost 11.5 lakh who qualified.

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Boy with autism expelled from New Jersey movie theatre after visiting the loo with his mother, claims lawsuit

Christine Gallinaro and her son were planning on making this evening particularly memorable. In Monmouth County, they could get tickets for Disney’s “Elemental” at Showtimes at Cinemark Hazlet 12.

The 15-year-old nonverbal autistic son of Gallinaro has autism. According to his mother, he enjoys watching most films all the way through and frequently demands that they remain in the theatre until the closing credits start to roll.

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In Kolkata, a 22-year-old with autism who was urged to dance on the street was beaten up and three juveniles were jailed.

On Sunday night in Kolkata’s Rashbehari Avenue, a 22-year-old boy with autism was allegedly ordered to dance in the street and then assaulted, according to the police.

According to officials, three people, all of whom were juveniles, were detained on Monday in relation to the event.
The victim’s relatives reported that several persons had been harassing the victim for some time to the Tollygunge police station.

Autism is a complex condition/disorder wherein the individual or child shows challenges in the areas of social skills, communication skills and behaviors. The disorder which falls within the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) has a range of symptoms which may vary from child to child.

For parents of young children, knowing when to screen for possibility of Autism is important. However, few of the frequent questions raised by parents about screening include- “When do we need to screen a child for Autism?” ; “How is screening done?” ; “Who conducts it?”; and “Why is it important?”.  This article further describes the responses.

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A man builds a special barbershop for children with special needs, and the internet community lauds and supports him.

Yes, watching uplifting films can make your day and attitude better. These videos demonstrate random acts of goodness, touching deeds, or acts of generosity that serve as a reminder of the beauty in the world. They gently act as a reminder that there is still a lot to rejoice in and be thankful for.
This video, which Good News Movement posted on Instagram, features a wonderful barbershop that Billy owns and runs. But it’s not your typical salon.

Billy makes an attempt to cut a child’s hair in the clip. Billy is incredibly patient and kind as he softly persuades the child and completes his duty despite the child’s tantrums.
The caption of the Instagram video states, “Billy opened @yourkindofcuts, a barbershop for those with special needs. All of the staff’s consideration and patience are wonderful to see! For men, women, and children, Your Kind Of Cuts offers a sensory-friendly, special needs haircut service.

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