What our clients have to say about mental health?

What our clients have to say about mental health?

What our clients have to say about mental health?

On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, i interviewed some of my clients about their mental health journey and their thoughts on mental health.

1. S, Mother of 2

  • 1. What helps me take care of my mental health?
    Always checking in on myself and recognise my emotions and feelings at the moment.
  • Deep breathing, Colouring, dancing to music
  •  Therapy
  •  Accepting that it’s ok to get help from others
1. How has therapy helped you?

It has helped me realise why I feel the way I do. Now, I can correlate events in my past to how I react now. Knowing that I have someone to speak to, non-judgemental, empathetic, and kind is very helpful (during dark days).

2. What do you wish to tell the world about mental health?

It needs to be given the same importance as physical health. It’s essential to be included in kids’ curriculum from kindergarten onwards. Also paid mental health leave for kids and adults should be the norm worldwide.

2. MS, 26 yrs old, Male

The first and foremost thing that helps me with mental health is talking to someone and getting to understand the actual problem behind what I’m facing, going through, and what I’m feeling.

1. How has therapy helped me

Therapy has been a solution and a way to solve, and understand feelings both at the same time.
Especially when you get an environment like therapy with a therapist where the person is calm and patient and really listens in on what you have to say so that they can help YOU, for YOU. That is the most helpful thing in the therapy

2. What do I want to say about mental health

Mental health is a very, very, very important part of our lives, maybe even more than physical health. Why I’m saying this because when you are about to get a fever(for example) your body shows signs and symptoms of the illness. But for mental health that is not the case, it just happens over time in small things that we usually don’t notice in our daily lives.

3. Important points to keep in mind
  •  Therapy is always for your betterment.
    never hide anything small or big from the therapist, You don’t know which point or incident can have a big impact on your life.
  • Always know that therapy and the therapist are your supporting pillar, But you are the foundation and you have only your will to do the things that can get you out of whatever you are going through.

And in tough times always remember, “You are never alone”.

3. M, Mother of a child with ASD

1. What helps you to take care of your mental health?

Identifying and Unlearning patterns that are holding me back.
Establishing boundaries to keep me sane.
Knowing my priorities and focussing on them.

2. How has therapy helped you?

It has helped me get in touch with my feelings and validated my apprehensions. I have been able to identify my triggers and pinpoint the trauma that has held me back.

3. What do you wish to tell the world about mental health?

Mental health is as important as physical health, please never generalise your trauma based on what others would say. Your pain is valid, even if others have faced worse and survived. Although speaking to a therapist is not looked upon by society, always seek help if you think you need it.
If you come across anybody struggling with their mental wellness, be supportive and do not patronize them. Encourage them to seek professional help.

4. US, 26 yrs Male

What helps you to take care of your mental health?
By being aware and acknowledging how important my mental health is to me and to others around me, I make sure to invest time in my mental well-being. Therapy for me has been by far one of the most effective ways of dealing with mental health issues.
How has therapy helped you?
Therapy for me is a space of unfiltered dialogue with a professional who listens non-judgementally. It has helped me shed years of baggage which were dragging me down. I have gained a new sense of freedom in my personal and professional life.
What do you wish to tell the world about mental health?
I wish the world would start acknowledging the significance of mental health rather than stigmatizing it. For a lot of us, the pandemic was a wake-up call on how fragile our mental health is. There are many tools to assist us with our mental well-being; let’s use them to make the world a happier and loving place to live in.

5. ST, Mother of 2

Yes..there is a lot to talk about mental health.

Having the thought of taking care of myself, my life…
I think this was God’s boon to me at 2 different tough times in my life…
I wanted to keep my marriage alive. Initially, when I got married and stepped into a totally different world leaving my family, job and country..that was a very tough time for me. I slowly lost myself to depression. This actually brought many problems in my newly wedded life…but I was somehow determined to have a good married life with my so lovable husband. I decided to take help and that was the best decision ever to meet a psychiatrist…i was very lucky to have very understanding parents, n in-laws, too. They have supported me in this decision.
Later, when I started struggling with my kids and family and one child being a special child, then also my determination to take good care of my kids made me seek the help of Ms Sayee Deshpande and who in turn guided me to take help of a psychiatrist.
The instances were never easy for me. With therapies and counselling, I have a very better life now.

Things to note:

You get life only once..you can’t destroy it just because of this mental illness..which is mostly self-created and we do not know how to come out ..leaving the conditions like that is just like sitting in a revolving chair, keeping ourselves occupied but going nowhere.

Always try to speak out..nothing happens by hiding our emotions and feelings. Take the help of family and friends..don’t go by the stigma…
In this modern age of technology-addicted life, psychologists n psychiatrists are of great help and yes, therapies do have an immense effect on life.

We sincerely thank all our clients for sharing their thoughts with us and we hope that these experiences help you in paying more attention to mental health and also destigmatise mental health therapy.

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“Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but, importantly, YOU ARE NOT THE RAIN.” — Matt Haig

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