Success story of Mudita

Success story of Mudita

Success story of Mudita

We are very excited to present this fantastic interview with Mudita Bagla. She is an amazing single mother of an angel who struggles with genetic conditions that act as barriers to growth and development. Hence, via this interview, we bring you this story of Success story of Mudita in his mother’s own words.

Tell us something about you

Hello my name is Mudita Bagla from Kolkata. I am a single mom to an angel who is fighting with genetic issues which are acting as obstacles in growth and development. I am sure she will defeat them with time and stand out as a winner.

myraThere were some complications during my pregnancy. Got many tests done in Delhi but nothing was really helpful. After 2 weeks of my delivery, we again went to Delhi to consult the best doctors and then soon we got to know that there will be certain issues with her growth and development.

Tell us something about your daughter

Well since my daughter is down syndromic so she cant speak like other kids but the way she explains whatever she wants to say me by her expressions or gestures is way more precious to me as a mom. I am happy the way she makes each day blissful and cheerful for me and I try more and more towards her improvement and development.

Down Syndrome is a common disorder. It is due to the presence of an extra band of chromosome 21. In other words, it is very common and occurs in 1 in every 830 births in India.

Myra with her momInitially I used to often think how she will communicate wid me or explain if she needs anything when she will grow up with time but trust me, she does it very well and has made things easy for me. Infact at times she is a full on drama queen too. If she doesn’t want to study or colour, no one on earth can make her do that. Myra  starts doing all kind of drama to escape from it. She loves being outdoors, feeding pigeons and meeting new people. She makes friends with everyone.

Your overall experience

Now I am used to understanding her gestures and few words which she tries to speak. More importantly she uses her eyes too while communicating about few things which she wants. At times even if I am not able to understand she holds my hand and explains me or take me to the stuff which she requires. She has simplified the communication herself and I am grateful to God and her too for this or else it would have been lot more tough for me to raise her being a single mother.
She is the reason why I work so hard day and night so that I can give her a good life and every happiness. I don’t want to be the world’s best mom or something, I just want to be the mother she actually needs and deserves.
I had shifted to Kolkata after my divorce. There were reasons why I wasn’t able to continue her speech therapy, occupational therapy and special education classes. I wish to become so much successful in life so that I can resume her therapy sessions and give her the best life. I do have plans to relocate for her therapies if required in future.
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