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SC ruling on MBBS applicant denied admission – Monthly News

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She might make a great doctor! SC ruling on MBBS applicant denied admission owing to speech impediment

A recent MBBS applicant who was turned down for admission because of a speech problem received help from SC. The Supreme Court acknowledged that the student might later turn out to be a superb doctor after hearing her case. A special board assembled by PGIMER Chandigarh would test the MBBS applicant.

The Supreme Court acknowledged that the student might later turn out to be a superb doctor after hearing her case. A special board assembled by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, PGIMER Chandigarh, will evaluate the MBBS aspirant.

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What makes hearing-impaired badminton player Jerlin Anika Jayaratchagan a champion

The goal of Jerlin’s training is to help a Deaflympic champion qualify for the general division in the Olympics.

In this story of alchemy, PV Sindhu acts as the catalyst. The extent to which Jerlin Anika Jayaratchagan can follow one of her most ambitious dreams—playing at the August 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles—will depend on how much she absorbs from Sindhu, the only able-bodied world champion in India.

Despite having three Deaflympic gold medals and hearing loss, 18-year-old Jerlin’s head is a brilliant laboratory where she experiments with ideas to turn her love of badminton into Olympic gold. She is assembling a well-rounded game while investigating various offensive variants by playing lengthy rallies and gaining the endurance to choose every shuttle.

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A promising early diagnostic indicator for autism spectrum disease is attention to motherese speech.

In a recent study that was published in JAMA Network Open, a group of researchers looked into the possibility of using attention to motherese speech as a diagnostic feature for autism spectrum disorder and assessed its relationship with social skills and linguistic proficiency.

Motherese, also known as parentese, is a dialect of infant-directed speech that is typically employed by carers to pique the interest of toddlers and babies. It features simple syntax, a slow pace, exaggerated intonations, a high pitch, and a playful attitude.

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Using sports to empower kids with special needs is a Delhi resident

Teach for India fellow Aditya KV in New Delhi made the decision to leave his corporate position in order to make a bigger impact. He established “Umoya Sports” in 2017 with the intention of inspiring one million pupils, both those with special needs and those without.

The Umoya team identified three distinct problems that affect Children with Disabilities (CwD): a lack of high-quality in-school programmes that offer differently-abled students holistic development; a lack of social skill development and social integration of CwD due to social stigmas and misconceptions about disabilities; and physical and mental health problems experienced by CwD as a result of their frequent exclusion from sports and physical education in schools.

The history of the creation of Annie, the world’s first self-learning Braille gadget

Annie is a Wi-Fi enabled electronic Braille gadget that aids a youngster with limited vision in reading, writing, and typing, according to Srivastava, co-founder of Thinkerbell Labs.

Aman Srivastava and three of his BITS Pilani, Goa pals had a brunch talk that quickly evolved into a research project. That ultimately resulted in a prototype that was beyond the friends’ imagination. As a result, Bengaluru-based Tinkerbell Labs created “Annie,” the first self-learning tool for visually impaired children to learn Braille.

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The 2023 World Information Technology Challenge for Persons of Determination will be place in Abu Dhabi.

The GITC is being hosted in the Middle East for the first time and aims to improve digital awareness and impart digital skills to young adults with developmental disabilities.

People of Determination is a word that the UAE’s Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum used to describe those with special needs or disabilities before they were publicly referred to as such in 2016.

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Medical providers typically lack training in caring for persons with disabilities

According to an essay published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, patients with disabilities frequently deal with medical providers who make false assumptions about their quality of life, which can lead to paternalism and subpar care (NEJM).


Early treatment of neurodevelopmental problems is effective: study

According to a recent study, treatment interventions for neurodevelopmental problems might be more successful if they are carried out in the very early stages of brain development.

Fragile X syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes mental disability. Many parents report that children with Fragile X syndrome have a variety of problems. Some of them are social and, behavioral issues, speech and language difficulties, and sensory issues. There is no cure for this disorder. However, therapy services can help children learn important skills. Services can include therapy Speech therapy, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Behavior therapy, etc.

Therapists also help you in providing tips to work at home. This article mainly focuses on Speech tips for Fragile X syndrome.Researchers from the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy discovered possible causative circuit-level alterations during a crucial stage of brain development that was amenable to therapeutic intervention.

They concentrated on the amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for processing fear and anxiety. They discovered a crucial window of heightened circuit plasticity occurring during early brain development using a mouse model of FXS.

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Dr. Nitish Chandra Dubey Fights Chronic Illness Using Evidence-based Homeopathy

Infertility, ADHD, autism, arthritis, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, and many more diseases are among the many conditions that Dr. Nitish has treated successfully using homoeopathy throughout the years. As a result, you may be sure to receive the best care possible for any health concern at a fair price.

Homeopathy is a centuries-old kind of treatment that safely and efficiently treats all chronic illnesses. It is a complete medical system that improves the body’s capacity for healing. Due to its health advantages, homoeopathic medicine has recently become more popular. Dr. Nitish Chandra Dubey is one of the greatest homoeopathic doctor in India.

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Purple Fest and GCCI collaborated to look into career options for people with disabilities.

Within the framework of the programme “Exploring Career Possibilities for People with Disabilities in the Corporate Sector.” A series of Purple Think Tank workshops were held in collaboration with EnAble India, the Labor and Employment department, and the Office of the State Commissioner of People with Disabilities to discuss employment options in the public and private sectors.

Working-age PwD have roughly 2.5 times the rate of poverty as non-disabled people. According to research, approximately two-thirds of working-age persons who endure longer-term poverty and half of those who do so have disabilities.

According to an algorithm, changed speech may be a precursor to Parkinson’s disease.

After Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease (PD) is the most frequent neurodegenerative condition. Each year, more than 10 million people worldwide obtain a diagnosis.

Parkinson’s disease’s fundamental mechanisms are still not completely known. Constipation, apathy, and daytime sleepiness are some of the decades-long non-specific symptoms that accompany PD. Late in the course of neurodegeneration, motor symptoms such as tremors, freezing, and lightheadedness manifest.

Early symptom recognition could enable early management, resulting in extended periods of unaffected functional capacity and prolonged quality of life.

Recent years have been a rise in scientific interest in speech acoustic analysis in PD as a potential diagnostic biomarker. According to studies, persons with early PD have a variety of speech difficulties.

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Are Machines Able to Speak for Us?

A 2021 Rose Hills Innovator named Gopala Anumanchipalli is developing solutions that could offer people with illness and disabilities a new way to communicate.

Gopala Anumanchipalli developed a penchant for spoken language when he was young and is now fluent in five languages. In order to give people with disease and handicap a new method to communicate, he is now combining artificial intelligence, computer science, and linguistics. He is doing this by utilising both his love of language and his engineering degree.

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American Idol contestant with a speech handicap talks about life after the show.

Amanda Mammana, a sophomore at Liberty University, has remained a shining example of how God can use what we see as our weaknesses for His glory in the months since she astounded the judges and audience of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” with her abilities as a gifted singer-songwriter who has overcame a speech impediment.

Mammana performs in Pasadena, California, for “America’s Got Talent” auditions.
Mammana stutters, but unlike many others who stammer, singing masks the stutter because singing activates a different part of the brain. She found that using music to express her thoughts and feelings was appealing.

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