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Hasitha Illa and Saakshi Singla’s book Wheeling Away exhorts kids

Hasitha Illa and Saakshi Singla’s book Wheeling Away exhorts kids to comprehend handicap.

One can do so much when they use their impairment as a strength, and one specific debut author achieved just that. Hasitha Illa has Friedreich’s Ataxia, a neurological disorder that predominantly affects the nerves and muscles and results in a loss of control over body movements. Despite this, she has made it her greatest strength. Why blend in when you were born to stand out? she asks on social media.

Hasitha Illa has devoted her life to demonstrating that she can stand out from the crowd and would not let her impairment stop her in any manner, despite the fact that it was difficult for her to fit in. She also coordinates the #WeSupportTheRare initiative, which focuses on helping those with People with Disabilities.

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Vijayawada: Children with special needs are given extra attention.

The education department is taking great care to impart education to the Children with Special Needs (CWSP), who are studying in the Bhavita centres, according to commissioner of school education S Suresh Kumar.
Suresh Kumar said in his address to the personnel of the education and other ministries that the government operates 672 Bhavita centres for children with special needs.

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A student with a disability ran in the most recent Delhi half marathon.

The National Education Policy 2020, the Rights of People with Disabilities Act of 2016, and the UGC’s Accessibility Guidelines and Standards for Higher Educational Institutions and Universities 2022 are recent initiatives. However, in practise, there are a number of obstacles that prevent these disabled students from participating and benefiting from learning opportunities at higher education institutions. According to Afaq Ahmad, a senior research fellow in the sociology department at Aligarh Muslim University, “this may be because of structural, psychological, resource-related barriers, and so on.”

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UP: Special needs children depart on a visit to Nainital

LUCKNOW: On Sunday, more than 100 Drishti Samajik Sansthan special-needs kids and their carers departed for a six-day trip to Nainital. The executive director of the Punjab National Bank, Vijay Dubey, flagged off three buses bringing the kids and personnel. Atharva Bahadur and Shalu Singh, directors of Drishti, are in charge of the group. The probationary officers from SBI’s 1987 class have funded the trip.

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Keralan special needs kids are encouraged to integrate into society through tennis.

To enhance their mental, physical, and emotional well-being, 79 CWSN have taken up tennis in Thiruvananthapuram, the state’s capital.

With the assistance of the Trivandrum Tennis Club, the Samagra Shiksha, Kerala (SSK), a federally funded programme for the universalization of primary education, has started an initiative to teach tennis to 79 kids (TTC). These kids will receive two hours of instruction from the club once a week. Both SSK representatives and club representatives asserted that their CWSN initiative is the first of its kind in Kerala.

How Indian AI ensures that AI can distinguish between People with Disabilities

In a chat with INDIAai, Purva Mittal noted that Indian AI has two components: one that supports students with impairments in their academic work, and the other that assists them in finding employment.

Applications for industrial, retail, and medical AI are becoming more and more common.

Indic AI is one such company that employs AI to help those in need. For “People with Disabilities,” Indic AI is a nonprofit organisation that transforms “ability to distinction” in order to help people reach their full potential and participate fully in society.

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All those with special abilities need is an opportunity to prove their worth.

This is the guiding principle of Melting Hearts Bakes, a unique bakery in Ernakulam, Kerala, run solely by children with special needs. #inspiration

4th International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning: Online learning solutions for special needs students

Some of the preexisting difficulties were brought to light by the switch to online learning, and some of them were successfully resolved. Meeting the educational needs of children with special needs in online instruction was one of these difficulties. The report highlights the methods that Filipino teachers for online instruction of students with special needs employ.

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Anyone who loves cricket or wants to learn more about the sport will have a fun morning at our Come and Try Session!

In addition to meeting Adam Gilchrist and participating in a variety of activities, attendees will also receive goodie bags to take home. There will be representatives from each of our 11 Endorsed Clubs in Perth who will talk to you and your family and encourage you to sign up with them for the 22/23 season. Additionally, WACA staff and members of the Autism in Cricket Team will be available for conversation.

Thanks to Trivandrum Tennis Club and SSA, special needs kids have a blast.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: J S Malavika and Sidan Ibak Humayun were thrilled to have the chance to play tennis at the Trivandrum Tennis Club (TTC). The two Cotton Hill Girls Higher Secondary School students are the recipients of a cutting-edge programme for kids with disabilities. And because of TTC and the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) initiative, tennis teaching is now a part of their school curriculum.

Sidan, a resident of Pettah, has always enjoyed playing cricket and football outside.

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The search for altered brain signals that cause autism

People with ASD may struggle with confined or repetitive activities or interests, as well as social communication and engagement. Additionally, people with ASD may learn, move, or pay attention in various ways.

Children with special needs: Andhra Education Department Chief

Commissioner of School Education and State Project Director for Samagra Siksha Abhiyaan S Suresh Kumar stated on Tuesday that the Department of School Education has been carrying out several programmes for the holistic development of children with special needs or People with Disabilities.

He was the special guest at a one-day session on inclusive education.

Speaking at the event, he emphasised that Bhavita Kendras created in every mandal of the State were providing education to kids with special needs. Kumar urged the health division to recognise pupils with unique needs at schools and argued that instructors should work hard to give them a great education and be in charge of paying for any required therapy and minor operations.

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Health workers in England will receive training on autism and learning disabilities

Following a bereaved mother’s four-year fight, mandatory training for health and care personnel in England to support persons with a learning disability and autistic people has begun.

Oliver McGowan, age 18, had modest learning disabilities and autism, and doctors “arrogantly” prescribed antipsychotic drugs to him despite his family’s warnings that they were inappropriate for him. Oliver died as a result.

On Tuesday, McGowan expressed relief over the change her years of lobbying had brought about and said it gave her comfort that others would now have a better chance of getting the care they need.

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