Speech therapist in Bangalore

Speech therapist in Bangalore

Speech therapist in Bangalore

If your child appears to have a problem, he or she should consult a speech-language pathologist (SLP) very far away. You can look for a speech-language pathologist on your own or ask your doctor to recommend you to one.

Your child’s speech and language skills will be evaluated by the SLP (or speech therapist). The pathologist will administer standardized tests and look for developmental milestones in speech and language.

One in every five children develops speech and language at a slower rate than their peers. By the time they start kindergarten, some children have caught up. A speech delay, on the other hand, can indicate an underlying condition that necessitates expert assistance. Seeking treatment as soon as feasible will help improve your child’s skills and boost their potential to achieve. If you have any concerns or questions concerning your child’s speech development, contact THINK Neurology for Kids right away.

Finding a decent speech therapist can be a challenging task. The following are the top Speech Therapists in Bangalore:

1. 1Special Place:

A clinic that recognises the need of meeting each patient’s specific listening needs in order to best serve them. Offering individualised hearing, speech, and communication services is 1 Special Place. Regardless of age, we are committed to assisting everyone in enhancing their ability to communicate and achieve long-term career independence. Pratiksha Gupta, a Consultant Senior SLPA at Apollo Hospitals in Noida, founded the online speech therapy clinic 1 Special Place.

Our goal is to offer people of all ages with speech and hearing issues comprehensive and expert audiological care, from prevention through rehabilitation. 1SpecilPlace is one of the best Speech therapist in Bangalore. Every patient receives individualized attention tailored to meet their specific needs, resulting in increased quality of life for each one through improved speech and hearing.

2. Plexus:

Speech and language difficulties, such as stammering or poor articulation, can result in speech problems, which can affect your ability to fit in. Plexus’ highly educated best Speech therapist in Bangalore provide the best Speech & Language Therapy programme in Bangalore for both children and adults. We work closely with them to identify their needs and track their development with each session to increase confidence. We also offer Swallowing Therapy, which helps patients gain control of their oral intake while reducing the risk of aspiration and maintaining their quality of life.

3. Magpie slp:

After a kid has been evaluated for a primary condition, a personalised early intervention programme is developed (I.E.P.). Namrata Pai founded Magpie Speech Therapy in 2005 and re-invented it in 2013. (Gold Medalist, Speech-Language Pathologist). We offer comprehensive services to children with speech, language, and oral-motor impairments. Magpie specialises in offering intervention modules based on evidence-based approaches and a wide range of globally researched programmes for your child’s overall communication development. Each speech therapy session is tailored to the child’s specific requirements and is outcome-driven. A client can pick between in-person and online classes.

4. Suvitas

Speech and Swallow Therapy programmes assist people in regaining their ability to speak and swallow. Among the many difficulties that can arise following a significant medical illness or surgery, difficulty with speech, communication, and swallowing can be one of the most sensitive and difficult to manage. HCAH SuVitas (Su = Good + Vitas = Life) opened its doors in Hyderabad in 2015 as India’s first Transition Care facility. 

We are a category-defining venture that bridges the critical gap between hospital and home care to ensure a person’s rehabilitation is holistic. Beginning with 50 private rooms in Hyderabad, the company expanded to Bangalore in 2018 and added another 50 private rooms to its portfolio.

We specialize in inpatient rehabilitation for patients from Neurology & Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Cardiology, and Early Stage Oncology, and have a proven track record in treating Stroke and Road Traffic Accident survivors with brain injuries and polytrauma.

5. Helenspeechandhearing:

We provide high-quality individualised assistance to those with hearing loss, speech disorders, and other developmental issues. We attempt to make better hearing and speech as simple and uncomplicated as possible. Speech Therapy, Hearing Aid Fitting and Trial, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology are among the services provided.

6. Listeningears:

If you suspect that your child’s speech development is off track, we recommend that you visit with our Bangalore speech therapist. Having your child properly screened will help you get to the bottom of the problem. Therapy should begin as soon as feasible for individuals who were diagnosed later. 

Listening Ears’ Early Intervention Program in Bangalore covers a wide range of services for children who require speech therapy. For such exceptional children, our institute offers early intervention, speech rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and a special education programme. They provide comprehensive development of young children with hearing impairments in order for them to become proficient communicators in spoken language and to prepare them for mainstreaming.

7. Cst bangalore:

Cornerstone’s main goal is to empower individuals so that they can live independently.

We assist customers with physiological, psychological, and sociological challenges in overcoming them and moving toward independence. Make augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology available to those who have severe expressive and/or language comprehension problems.

8. Drhearclinic:

At Dr Hear, they give people with hearing loss the freedom to live their lives to the fullest by assisting them in selecting specific hearing solutions for remaining active in life. These services will be provided by us. Dr. Hear’s team of professionals understands our clients’ needs and develops solutions that are comfortable, effective, and affordable to the needs of modern and active lifestyles. They are Premium Partners of Hearing Aid Manufacturers such as Signia, Phonak, Resound, Starkey, and many others.

9. Shelter Arms:

Shelterarms understands how burdensome Speech Language Disorders and Physical Disabilities may be and how they can affect a person’s everyday quality of life. Our Professional will work with each individual to develop a Treatment Plan. Their purpose is to help people in need find their specialized therapists or pathologists, both for children and adults. Their goal is to provide outstanding rehabilitation services at your doorstep while spending no money to ensure that the individual leaves with a renewed spirit.

10. Cloudninecare

Cloudnine offers world-class medical expertise, cutting-edge facilities, a setting filled with love and laughter, and a staff dedicated to your and your baby’s overall well-being. Ms. Radhika Poovayya is extremely concerned about people with communication problems and has spent the last 30 years learning the science of speech pathology. In 2003, she was exposed to the science of applied behavior analysis by a parent of a kid with autism. Cloudnine has expanded its reach to several facilities across India while maintaining and exceeding international standards of care, and it is still on track to reach every woman and child in India.

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    I am 19 years old , A cleft palate patient
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