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Somya Thakur To Represent India At ‘Miss Wheelchair World 2022 Contest’

Somya Thakur To Represent India At ‘Miss Wheelchair World 2022 Contest’

Chandigarh native Somya Thakur will represent India in this month’s “Miss Wheelchair World 2022 Contest” in Rosarito, Mexico.
She works as an HR specialist for a private company and is adamant about never allowing her impairment prevent her from achieving her goals. Somya says she looks up to former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen and wants to clear the way for young persons with disabilities who are in a position similar to her own.

 Special Needs children set up Diwali Stalls

Under the direction of the principal, Beena Rani, and the NSS programme officers, Kamaljit Kaur and Sunita Sharon, a Diwali mela was held in the school. Students created rangoli and diyas. Students erected food stands. For the primary students, there were several games planned. Children with special needs (CWSN) students set up stalls to sell plant saplings.

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Sayali Salunkhe celebrates Diwali with young persons with disabilities.

Sayali Salunkhe, who plays Indu opposite Karan Singh Grover in the Star Bharat television serial Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai, would be spending this Diwali with children who have special needs.

Since she was a child, she has had a special affection for these kids, and she wants to make this holiday season pleasant and full of surprises for them. When she was in grades 7-8, her school brought her on a trip, and she had to spend time with children who had physical disabilities or persons with disabilities.

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The Nashik Municipal Corporation wants to raise the disability pension amount.

NASHIK: The Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC) has suggested raising the monthly pension for those with disabilities greater than 40% from Rs 2,000 to Rs 3,000.
Over 750 disabled persons are currently receiving benefits from the pension plan. In 2018, NMC conducted a study of the city’s disabled population and discovered 7,231 of them.
The NMC has also begun providing THE persons with disabilities with unique identifying disability cards; 3,783 individuals have received these cards to yet.

“We want the NMC administration to issue the other disabled residents of the city with distinctive identity disability cards so they can take advantage of the many civic body-sponsored programmes. They must have Aadhar cards with their residence address listed in the city and be city residents”, according to an NMC official.

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Ai can very early predict autism in children

The diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in infants younger than 30 months can be made using artificial intelligence and real-world health claims data, according to a recent study published in the journal BMJ Health & Care Informatics.

Autism is a neurological and developmental condition that affects behaviour, relationships, social interaction, speech, and nonverbal communication. Another name for it is autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In the first three years of life, ASD symptoms start to manifest. This is because Autistic people need access to extra support, care, and government aid. Since each person with Autism is unique, their need for support also varies.

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Early Symptoms of Autism: Recognize these Symptoms in Your Child

When they are infants, many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) display developmental impairments, particularly in their social and verbal abilities. Less evident disparities in the development of body movements, pretend play, and social language frequently go unrecognised because babies typically sit, crawl, and walk on schedule.

The autism society applauds the initiative’s use of art.

The incident came after related ones in Riyadh, Jeddah, Alkhobar, and Abha.
Each Rihat Tayf programme brought together 20 autistic children and young people with 20 artists to make paintings that would aid in their ability to articulate their emotions. The money raised will go toward bettering services for people with autism.

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The governor of Tennessee urges consideration for and awareness of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities or persons with disabilities

R.N. Ravi welcomes Villupuram Collector D. Mohan’s efforts to concentrate on the developmental need of people with persons with disabilities and hopes more Collectors will follow in his footsteps.
R.N. He was addressing following the opening of the residential residences for people with intellectual and developmental impairments run by the Sristi charity in Konamangalam, not far from Tindivanam.

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The Quint: Meet the Pav Bhaji Seller Who Overcame a Disability to Realize His Father’s Dream

When Mitesh was given the cancer news, he was eight years old. His father had a heart attack, his mother had kidney failure, and his older brother also died in an accident.

Mitesh had to have his arm amputated due to cancer. I went to a hospital in Malad West (Mumbai) and had my arm removed after borrowing money from various places. Mitesh began managing his late father’s pav bhaji stall despite the difficulties and his infirmity. “After my father passed away, the stall was run by the five people who worked for him for five years. The workforce started requesting for a pay raise after I lost my family. I could no longer keep them since I was out of money. I gradually took over and handled everything by myself “Mitesh revealed to The Quint.

High time for World Stroke Day There was a nationwide stroke registry in India.

The incidence of stroke is approximately 135-150 per 100,000 people in India, which accounts for roughly 60% of all stroke patients worldwide, while the fatality rate is approximately 30%.
The World Stroke Organization established World Stroke Day in 2006 with the goal of highlighting the importance of stroke early detection. “Recognize stroke symptoms early and save #valuable time,” is the topic for this year.

The message put forth by the Indian Stroke Association is “ACT FAST, STRIKE@STROKE.” To combat this sly predator, the medical community, administrations, and policymakers must work together. Any delay will increase the likelihood of impairment and perhaps death. Similar to numerous medical setbacks, these losses significantly harm the nation’s economy.

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A marriage between inmates was a first at the Chennai Institute of Mental Health.

Both don’t recall how they got to the IMH campus.

When they were admitted to the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) roughly two years ago, they were strangers. But as the months passed, they grew close and shared a desire to start anew. In the 228-year history of IMH, P Mahendran (42) and Deepa (36) will wed on Friday in a nearby temple, making it the first inmate wedding.

Because of his concerns and suspicions surrounding his family’s properties during a contentious family dispute, Mahendran’s life had come to a complete stop. Deepa probably suffered from protracted sadness as a result of her father’s passing in 2016 and the isolation she felt at home in spite of the presence of her mother and younger sister.

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