Best Speech therapy in Australia for NRIs

Best Speech therapy in Australia for NRIs

Best Speech therapy in Australia for NRIs

Are you are looking for Speech therapy in Australia? It can be stressful for parents to see their children have trouble speaking, expressing themselves and communicating effectively.  Moreover, conditions like speech delays, autism, hearing loss are common in toddlers and cause worry for all parents and caregivers. Timely management of these conditions can make a world of difference to a child. Life changing therapies like Speech Language Therapy, Mental health counseling, Occupational Therapy and more are essential to overcome these developmental difficulties.

For indian families in Australia, it is a daunting task to find authentic, child speech therapy australia in your native language. For therapy to be effective it should be about dialing into the child’s inner self, building relationships and connecting with a common culture. Online Speech therapy in Australia has been around for more than 20 years! Though in India its a recent concept, its a popular method in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

1SpecialPlace provides the best speech therapy Australia for India.

With our promise to deliver you authentic, high quality service, we work as a team that roots for your child’s success. We provide high quality online services for children and adults that include:

  • Speech Language Assessments

  • Speech Language Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Mental health counseling

  • Special Education classes

  • Nutritional health service

  • Early Intervention Program

  • Autism Management

  • Speak Easy Program for stuttering

  • Parent coaching

  • Neurodiverse affirming practice and more!

Speech Language Therapy in Indian languages 

We have committed ourselves to assisting kids in acquiring the communication skills they require in order to interact, clarify, comprehend, and participate with their environment.

Bilingual/ Multilingual Indian families are welcome at 1SpecialPlace, and we are aware of the particular challenges and hurdles they face when speaking and writing in various languages. We provide service in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi & more.

Why is speech therapy necessary?  

Speech therapy is an effective treatment for many speech and language impairments.

  • Problems of articulation:

The inability to appropriately produce specific word sounds is referred to as an articulation disorder. This speech problem can cause a kid to omit, switch, distort, or add word sounds. Saying “thith” instead of “this” would be an illustration of word distortion.

  • Fluency problems:

Speaking with a disordered rhythm, pace, or fluency. Fluency issues include stuttering and cluttering. A person who stutters has difficulty producing sounds, and their speech may be halted, obstructed, or repeat a word in part. A person with cluttering frequently speaks quickly and combines words.

  • Abnormalities of resonance:

When the vibrations responsible for voice quality are altered due to a blockage or obstruction of normal airflow in the nasal or oral canals, this is known as a resonance disorder. The velopharyngeal valve’s improper closure is another possibility. Neurological conditions, large tonsils, and cleft palate are frequently linked to resonance abnormalities.

  • Receptive dysfunction:

Receptive language impairment affects a person’s ability to comprehend and process language. This may make you appear indifferent when someone is speaking, make it difficult for you to understand what someone is saying, or limit your vocabulary. A receptive language issue can be brought on by other language disorders, autism, hearing loss, and head trauma.

  • Expressive problems:

Information conveyed or expressed poorly is a symptom of expressive language impairment. If you struggle to compose complete sentences—for example, by employing the wrong verb tense—you may have an expressive issue. It is connected to developmental disabilities like hearing loss and Down syndrome. Injuries to the head or a medical condition might also cause it.

  • Impairments of cognitive and communication:

Cognitive-communication disorder is characterized by communication difficulties brought on by damage to the area of the brain that governs thought. It may lead to memory problems, trouble solving problems, and difficulties speaking or listening. It may be brought on by biological issues, including aberrant brain growth, specific neurological diseases, a brain injury, or a stroke.

  • Aphasia:

The ability to talk and understand people is affected by this acquired communication problem. Also frequently impacted are a person’s reading and writing skills. Aphasia can be caused by a variety of different brain illnesses, but strokes are by far the most frequent cause.

  • Dysarthria:

Due to weakness or an inability to control the muscles needed for speaking, this disorder is marked by sluggish or slurred speech. Most frequently, nervous system ailments and diseases including multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and stroke are to blame for facial paralysis or throat and tongue weakness.

Difference between online and offline speech therapy sessions 

Research proves that there is no difference between the effectiveness of online and offline speech therapy. The pandemic is proof enough that online therapies work just as well and this should not be a barrier in your mind.

There are many advantages of Online Speech Therapy over conventional  offline therapy.
  1. Online Speech Therapy saves time and cost of travel

  2. It promises better continued therapy overcoming situations like bad weather, traffic jams, unwell parents etc.

  3. It can be accessed even if you’re traveling to another city.

  4. It can be accessed from home/office/school

  5. You can sit with your child to monitor his progress in the online sessions.

  6. Research shows that with online sessions even mothers learn a lot and are able to use the tips and ideas in day to day communication with the child. Hence carryover of therapy is significantly better.

  7. Since the child is in his/her functional environment, online speech therapy is done in a natural way and the rapport between the child and the therapist is great.

  8. Online sessions can be recorded and viewed by a parent later.

  9. Effective cost of therapy for the client is lower in case of online consultation as travel and other associated costs are avoided
  10. At 1SpecialPlace we even have group online sessions with multiple professionals where a child gets to improve social skills in a structured environment.

  11. Online Speech Therapy is preferred even by adults seeking help as they find it flexible and effective at the same time.

How is online speech therapy is carried out:  

We use Zoom for our online sessions. We always begin our Online Speech therapy australia program by doing a baseline evaluation session. After which we lay down a plan for the month. Each therapy session is 45 minutes which includes various activities to achieve the goals. For children with a pure Speech delay we would like to focus on improving the child’s receptive and expressive language skills, listening skills, compliance & attention along with enhancing his overall communication and connection with parents.

With the onset of the information age, consumers are also willing to try new solutions if it solves their problem effectively in a convenient and affordable way. More specifically, there has been a tremendous increase in demand of telemedicine for healthcare service globally.

Cost of Speech and Language Therapy  

Taking private sessions can be very expensive. A 45 min session can cost you anything between  dollar 130- dollar 180. On the other hand, at 1SpecialPlace you can avail premium sessions at empathetic pricing for all NRIs. We have discounts and packages for our long term clients. Check here for our pricing here.

Certified & Experienced therapists

1SpecialPlace boasts a great team of therapists who are trained, nurtured and monitored for your success. All our Speech Language Therapists are minimum masters qualified, certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India, and trained to help you with utmost compassion and empathy.

 Success & Impact of 1SpecialPlace 

We understand there is a shortage of therapy providers not just in India but worldwide. We are constantly working towards removing barriers of accessibility to reach out to more families around the world, in diverse native Indian languages, increasing the range of disorders we service, along with supporting our exceptional team of caregivers.

As per 2022 data, we have conducted over 60,000+ sessions, helped more than 25,000 families and hired over 100+ professionals to bring the quality service to your home.

Win win experience for you 

If you are looking for Speech therapy in Australia from the comfort of your home, at an affordable price from a certified experienced team that understands your culture and language, then look no further.

Infact, the best way to start taking online sessions is with your existing clients as it reduces stress for you, on account of an already existing rapport with the client. Many clients would love the option of taking a session from home instead of travelling! You can also approach past clients who moved away due to a location change.

Speech Therapy Online is simple, convenient and highly effective at the same time. When we started online speech therapy, there was no formal training available for becoming an online speech therapist in India. Trainings provided by therapists in Australia are great but can be expensive and not always suited for Indian clientele. As a result we created our inhouse teletherapy training programme at 1SpecialPlace.

Contact us here to start your journey with us!

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