Priyadeep Kaur, tops the charts for disabled

Priyadeep Kaur, tops the charts as a book about handicap awareness.

‘Mostly Normal,’ by author Priyadeep Kaur, tops the charts for the first time in India as a book about handicap or disabled awareness.

Amazon India’s top-selling author Priyadeep Kaur has published her newest book, “Mostly Normal,” which sparks discussion about people with disabilities and disabled people those in their families.
For her other works, Million of Faces in a Face, Oscar for liking, Grammy for not! and Millions of faces, this inspirational novelist already generated a lot of excitement among young readers. Additionally, she received recognition from the prime minister for her earlier works, and now she is back with a powerful new book based on her personal experiences as the sister of a sibling with a neurological condition.

After several days since its official release on September 26, 2022, Mostly Normal is still at the top of the Amazon Bestsellers list.

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Hisar demonstration by the disabled includes a siege of deputy chief minister Dushyant Chautala’s home and a list of 18 demands.

Viklang Adhikar Manch demonstrated for its demands in Hisar, Haryana, at the home of deputy chief minister Dushyant Chautala. submitted a memo outlining the 18-point demand and increased the call for meeting the needs of the disabled as soon as possible.

The Handicapped Adhikar Manch’s general secretary, Hrishikesh Rajli, urged implementation of the Right to Disability Act 2016 (RPWD Act 2016), prompt filling of open positions in departments serving the disabled, implementation of the disabled’s 5 000 monthly pension at a rate of 40%, and assistance for the needy disabled. Since July 27, the disabled forum has been holding a sit-in at the city’s civic hospital over issues including providing 200 days of labour under the MGNREGA and providing a loan of Rs 5 lakh without interest through a straightforward procedure.

India Khelo Football and “Walk With A Difference” unite to create the “Football For All” programme.

In order to launch the “Football For All” initiative, India Khelo Football (IKF), a non-profit football platform that links amateur and professional football ecosystems in India, has agreed to partner with AIMS Media’s social initiative Walk With A Difference. Walk With A Difference is India’s first talent recognition platform for people with disabilities in the fields of clothing, fashion, arts, and sports.

Football For All is a campaign to raise awareness and encourage inclusivity for people with disabilities. In order to kick off this project and create the groundwork for hosting “Football For All” across the nation in 2023, IKF and AIMS Media will hold a mini football event on November 19 during the grand finale of WWAD.

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Gazans with disabilities struggle with isolation

Gazans who have impairments frequently experience stigma. Since most of them are unemployed, their social isolation is exacerbated. Rights organisations are increasingly urging their integration into society.

Boy with autism is supported by the staff and other customers, who allow him to rest after having a tantrum in first class.

Four-year-old Braysen Gabriel usually enjoys flying. On a recent flight, nevertheless, from San Diego to Houston, he had some difficulties. Due to his autism, Braysen may become overstimulated and experience emotional meltdowns under particular circumstances.

The fight against autism by a mother

Kulsuma Parvaiz made the decision to start a facility for children with special needs after learning that her son had autism.

Kulsuma Parvaiz, a young mother, discovered that her life had transformed after learning that her son, who was 4 years old at the time, had autism. Since there was no autistic centre in the Valley, Kulsuma made the decision that she could care for her son and other unusual kids just like him because she was their mother. She founded the “Exceptional Minds” autistic centre for special needs kids. Kulsuma claims that in 2011, Farmaan, now 16 years old, began exhibiting symptoms of autism, including failure to engage in natural back-and-forth dialogue, speech regression, loud weeping, and loud giggling.

According to Kulsama, a teacher by trade, “these developments appeared when he was four years old.”
She sought treatment from local doctors, but when her baby’s symptoms worsened, she moved to Delhi, where a child development centre doctor informed her that her kid had autism.
Kulsuma routinely visited Delhi throughout the course of the next six years to take better care of her son and receive medical attention. In order to care for her child at home, she also took some intensive courses in autism, including occupational and speech therapy.

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India uses stem cell therapy for the treatment of autism to achieve notable improvements.

We met a family in Bangladesh in March 2019. There is one parent and two children in the family. The family was overjoyed until they learned that the younger child has autism spectrum problems.

We learned that there was an emergency at the moment of birth, the choice to deliver via caesarean section was made after the fact, and the baby spent a little longer in a troubled state within the pregnancy. The baby developed this neuro disease as a result of the distressing event.

Father Builds ‘Maarobot’ to Help Daughter Eat Food on Her Own, As Learned Online | The Better India

Bipin Kadam, a resident of Goa, created “Maarobot,” a unique robot that can feed his crippled daughter, Prajakta, while he is gone. The Goa State Innovation Council praised Kadam’s invention, which is a tangible illustration of the power of a father’s love.

Create early intervention centres for the disabled, according to the new policy, writes India News – Times of India.

The new draught National Policy for Persons with Disabilities, which will replace the 2006 policy once approved, calls for developing a network of “Cross Disability Early Intervention Centers” (CDEICs) in every district of the nation.

According to the Census of 2011, there are roughly 20.4 lakh children with disabilities, either congenital or acquired, in the age range of 0 to 9 years.
The proposed strategy outlines a general plan for creating CDEICs that will offer services like screening, identification, and referral for rehabilitation programmes. Additionally, the EICs would have access to the Unique Disability Identification system to assist parents with disability certification and evaluation.

Ira Singhal, an IAS officer, on how no obstacle is too great to keep you from succeeding

Ira Singhal, an IAS officer, is our very special guest on Ladies First today. She is a strong-willed woman who has never let having scoliosis stand in the way of her goals. She was the first woman with a disability to win the civil services exam after dominating the UPSC exam. Officer Singhal is a real Girl Boss and an inspiration to many.

Watch today’s episode of Ladies First with Niharika Nanda and Officer Singhal to see how she is actively trying to improve society, how she attained her goals, and why she left a well-paying career to become an IAS officer. On ABP Live Podcasts only.

For disabled passengers on Tamil Nadu buses, there is still a hard climb | Chennai News – Times of India

The Tamil Nadu government has yet to abide by the 2016 Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act (RPWD) requirements despite numerous court orders and processes.

The Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) had the sobering experience of the Madras High Court turning down its request to hear its appeal and clarify its orders from July 5, which had allowed MTC to apply for new buses as long as it complied with the RPWD Act, 2016, and the Harmonized Guidelines on the topic issued by the Union government.

This is the time when M. K. Stalin’s government, which is eager to distinguish itself as disproportionately welfarist, is in power.
It has often missed the chance to show these qualifications as the MTC makes flimsy and ambiguous justifications for why it is unable to fully comply with the law on disabilities. The level of disability among households in the State was 1.3%, with locomotor disability at 0.4% and visual disability at 0.1%, according to the National Family Health Survey-5, 2019–21.

Designated needs students will have a special room in schools, says the social welfare minister

VASCO: According to Social Welfare Minister Subhash Phal Dessai, over 40 government buildings now have handicapped access, and all schools in the State will have a specific area for special kids and crippled pupils.

According to Phal Dessai, in addition to special schools, all schools will have a specific room set aside for children with special needs as part of an inclusive education programme that will enable these students to succeed economically and socially without prejudice.

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Elections in a special Gram Sabha in Himachal

In Himachal, the planning for the assembly elections is in full swing. In this episode, it is revealed that the state is currently organising a special Gram Sabha. The names of new voters will also be added to the voter list for the assembly elections at this meeting, which will also mark development efforts.

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