Speech therapist in hyderabad

Speech therapy in Hyderabad

Speech therapy in Hyderabad

Speaking disorders are conditions that impair one’s ability to speak and communicate with others. In other words, it is characterised by difficulty in clearly pronouncing sounds, an interrupted flow of pronouncing words and sentences, an abnormal voice, the use of inappropriate words and grammatical structures while speaking, and difficulty understanding and speaking a language.

The ability to speak is critical for interacting and communicating with the rest of the world. Similarly, the ability to chew and swallow food is critical for human survival, which we take for granted. However, a variety of medical conditions can impair these abilities, resulting in a reduced quality of life and significant disability. These conditions have been observed throughout history.

Here is the list of best Speech therapists in Hyderabad

1. 1Special Place:

A clinic that recognises the need of meeting each patient’s specific listening needs in order to best serve them. Offering individualised hearing, speech, and communication services is 1Special Place. Regardless of age, we are committed to assisting everyone in enhancing their ability to communicate and achieve long-term career independence. Pratiksha Gupta, a Consultant Senior SLPA at Apollo Hospitals in Noida, founded the online speech therapy clinic 1Special Place.

Our goal is to offer people of all ages with speech and hearing issues comprehensive and expert audiological care, from prevention through rehabilitation. 1SpecilPlace provides home based Speech therapy in Hyderabad. Every patient receives individualised attention tailored to meet their specific needs, resulting in increased quality of life for each one through improved speech and hearing.

2. Global Care Hearing Aid

Global Care Hearing Aid, Speech Therapy, and ENT Clinic was founded in 2012 in Tarnaka, HUDA complex in Hyderabad, Telangana. They are dedicated to providing our valued customers with world-class hearing care. Life is miserable and hampered without the ability to hear and respond to sounds and calls. As a result, they provide a diverse range of hearing aids.

With multiple facilities, you can expect hearing aid equipment for all budgets. They have established a reputation in the industry as one of the most customer-focused services. Global Care Hearing Aid also offers excellent speech therapy services to children, adults, and the elderly who have various speech, language, and communication issues.

3. Mythrihearingcare

Mythri Speech and Hearing Center opened in Chandanagar, Hyderabad, in 2012. A professional and advanced centre that assists in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss and speech disorders. Our specialists provide uncompromised and committed services in speech and hearing health care using the most advanced testing equipment, highly sophisticated hearing aids, counselling, and speech therapy.

We are committed to assisting people in managing their hearing loss in order to improve their quality of life. We offer comprehensive hearing services to children and young people up to the age of 26, as well as eligible adults over the age of 60.

4. RASYA Clinic

RASYA Clinic is India’s first and only Advanced Vestibular/Balance specialised centre, offering state-of-the-art American standard services by professionals directly trained by an American Professor and Doctor. Their clinic provides exceptional balance, audiology, and speech and language services to people of all ages. They are highly qualified staff of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists provide professional services to our clients.

Our professionals collaborate with US universities and other international professionals to keep our services up to date in order to provide world-class services. We also offer ongoing support, education, and resources to our clients and their families to help them understand their condition and needs. We offer enjoyable and interactive speech therapy sessions to assist your child in speaking and learning the language.

5. Kimshospitals

KIMS Hospitals is one of India’s largest corporate healthcare groups, with hospitals in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra. It offers multi-disciplinary integrated healthcare services, with a focus on tertiary and quaternary healthcare at an affordable price. Telangana (Secunderabad, Kondapur, Gachibowli, Paradise Circle, and Karimnagar), Andhra Pradesh (Nellore, Rajahmundry, Srikakulam, Ongole, Vizag, Anantapur, and Kurnool), and Nagpur (13 hospitals and 4000 beds) (Maharashtra).

We provide comprehensive healthcare services in 25 specialties, including cardiac sciences, oncology, neurosciences, gastroenterology, orthopaedics, organ transplantation, renal sciences, and mother and child care.

6. Ascend Speech and Hearing Centre

With the ultimate goal of achieving effective communication, Ascend Speech and Hearing Centre is the best for communication needs. They offer hearing and speech services. They also offer online classes. Ascend Speech Therapy Centre has been in the healthcare industry for about 8 years. The therapy is administered by a professional and certified speech therapist.
From Speech therapist Hyderabad India, Ascend offers online speech therapy, paediatric speech therapy, speech therapy for children, audiology services, and hearing aid services.

7. Ucchvas

Depending on the type of speech disorder, speech therapy techniques used at Ucchvas include articulation therapy, language intervention activities, and others. Ucchvas provides a network of expert speech therapists to help you resolve these complex issues that can prevent you from living your life. All of these manoeuvres necessitate a lengthy time frame and patience to produce the desired results.

UCCHVAS is a cutting-edge adult physical supportive care facility. Dedicated to providing intensive physiotherapy, nursing, and other rehabilitation services during stressful periods of illness, particularly post-hospitalization.

8. Pinnacleblooms

Pinnacle Blooms Network is on a mission to improve the lives of children, adolescents, and adults with speech and language disorders. We empower children, adolescents, and adults by providing the best possible therapeutic services. One in every ten children has a speech problem, no matter how minor. Pinnacle Blooms Network can assist you with any type of speech problem you are attempting to resolve.

The Speech Language Pathology programme at Pinnacle Blooms Network provides comprehensive assessment, treatment, and consultation in an interdisciplinary setting. As needed, collaboration with other disciplines such as Occupational Therapy, Psychological Counseling, Autism Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, and Other Therapies is available.

9. HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic

HNR Speech and Hearing Clinic is a specialised facility for people suffering from hearing, speech, and language disorders. Our goal is to use cutting-edge technology and techniques to help people with hearing and speech problems improve their lives. They believe in understanding our patients’ needs through detailed assessments of their problems and providing effective diagnosis, as well as the service and aftercare that a patient requires the most.

They understand our patients’ and their families’ needs and make recommendations that are in everyone’s best interests. Our goal is to use cutting-edge technology and techniques to help people with hearing and speech problems improve their lives.

10. Cdchyderabad

Sravan K Reddy founded the Sri Siddartha Physiotherapy Center in 2005 to serve children with physical developmental delays. In 2016, he added other departments such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and behaviour therapy ABA to form the CDC (Child Development Center). Today, it has expanded to become Hyderabad’s most comprehensive paediatric therapy centre, serving over 200 children every day.
Our goal is to assist each child in achieving maximum independence in order for them to have the same opportunities and quality of life as other children.

As a result, we conclude that Speech therapists in Hyderabad is one of the best places to get Speech Therapy. The list includes genuine sources such as Google reviews, other site reviews, and ratings on health websites. This list is also not in any particular order. All of the speech therapy centres are the best in terms of service delivery. We only listed them based on their diagnostic accuracy, equipment, therapy success rate, and overall services.

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