Why is adult Autism under-discussed?

Why is adult Autism under-discussed?

Why is adult Autism under-discussed?

For most people, adult autism is still a mystery disease. Either a developmental problem, an intellectual handicap, or something in between are thought to be the cause. In truth, it’s a broad spectrum that presents with a variety of symptoms and behaves differently in every individual. It is untrue that people with autism are unable to communicate or think in meaningful ways.

They actually have good perception and communication skills; it’s simply that their methods may differ from those of neurotypical people. They are perhaps viewed differently because of this.

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A pride moment for Pranam Shrivastava

A time of pride for TMS 41. A child with exceptional needs named Pranam Shrivastava placed second in English typing at the national level in terms of speed, accuracy, and presentation. Additionally, he earned the third place spot overall in Hindi and an award of 8,000 rupees for it.

Khandwa’s teen heroine is Fouziya. Police, the city, and deaf individuals contact her for assistance.

In order to secure voter ID-Aadhar card connection, the municipal officer is making the rounds of a run-down, rain-soaked Khandwa neighbourhood. He approaches a one-room residence and knocks on the doorbell, which turns on and off a lightbulb. Fouziya, who is 13 years old, opens the door.

Have your parents connected their voter identification cards to their Aadhar cards?

The policeman queries. Fouziya asks in sign language as she turns to face her parents. Her parents are both deaf. For Fouziya, picking up sign language came as naturally as breathing. But she has applied her abilities outside the confines of the home. She serves as a vital link between the government and the disabled and is Khandwa’s mobile sign language aide. In this small Madhya Pradesh village, Fouziya has been assisting deaf individuals to interact with government employees and police since she was eight years old.

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For pupils of all skill levels, an inspiring teacher is making education accessible.

Gunjan Tomar has been a teacher for 22 years and has seen enormous advancements in the field.

When she first began her career, lecturing with a piece of chalk in front of a chalkboard was the norm for teachers. They now individually tailor their teachings to each student’s needs and provide considerate responses.

Technology has enabled the education system to become so student-focused, according to Tomar.

Tomar works as a Services, Action, and Activities Coordinator for DPS International in Gurugram, a thriving metropolis close to New Delhi where several multinational corporations have their corporate offices. She facilitates the learning of students with cognitive disabilities, who have various learning demands, in her position there, which is distinctive.

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I have established a science laboratory for youngsters with special needs

For kids with particular needs, I’ve built up a scientific lab. According to Sunita from Rajasthan, the workbooks I developed for class have given students more help by producing creative e-videos, online teaching modules, and online teacher modules.

Young people are motivated by a Srinagar-based expert pundit

Irfan Bhat (32), a person with special needs, is from Balhama, a small village on the outskirts of Srinagar district in Central Kashmir. When he was three years old, a very high fever caused him to lose his ability to walk. But despite this setback, he nevertheless leads a dignified and courageous life.
This young Kashmiri man is overcoming several challenges brought about by his disability while enjoying the life of his dreams and appreciating his gift. Irfan Bhat (32), a person with special needs, is from Balhama, a small village on the outskirts of Srinagar district in Central Kashmir. When he was three years old, a very high fever caused him to lose his ability to walk.

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Miss Universe Jamaica 2022 is an advocate for people with special needs and autism

Miss Giajay Naturals Gift and Body Shop Toshami Calvin, who is more than just a gorgeous face, won the title of Miss Universe Jamaica 2022 on Saturday evening at the AC Hotel Kingston. In the first quarter of 2023, she will travel abroad to compete in the 71st edition of the Miss Universe pageant as Jamaica’s representative.
Following in the footsteps of her cousin Toni-Ann Singh, Miss World 2019, the modest beauty pledged to utilise her platform to support women and children, especially those with special needs and those on the autism spectrum.

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South Australia creates an autism minister in a move that is an example of “lasting cultural transformation”

In a first for Australia, the autism community in South Australia will get its own state minister.
To ensure that those with the neurological illness are effectively represented, Emily Bourke has been designated assistant minister for autism.
Many South Australians, according to Premier Peter Malinauskas, have expressed the opinion that the time has come for the government to make autism a top priority.
He stated on Monday, “That is why we have created this new function.
“We have taken significant steps to adopt a whole-of-government autistic inclusion strategy, starting with our schools,” the statement reads.

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In Tier-2 Cities, a Disabled Hero Brings Quality Education

When Ajay Gupta was just nine months old, polio was discovered to be his disease.
He manages a network of schools with 1,100 franchises around the nation to give nearly one lakh pupils a great education despite having a 70% motor disability.
With Bachpan Play Schools, which has 1,100 franchises and operates in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, the Delhi-based entrepreneur is now delivering high-quality education to these areas.

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