Speech Therapists in Delhi

Best Speech Therapy In Delhi NCR

Best Speech Therapy In Delhi NCR

Speech difficulties and communication issues are evaluated and treated in speech therapy. People’s comprehension, clarity, voices, fluency, and ability to produce sound are all improved. Speech therapy can help adults with speech problems brought on by stroke, brain injury, or other diseases as well as children with speech disorders. The top online speech therapy programmes we highlighted provide both children and adults with a user-friendly and accessible platform. While few businesses have enough therapists to cover many states, all of them offer services to at least a few regions. Here is a list of top 10 speech therapy in delhi.

1. 1SpecialPlace

At 1Specialplace, we are confident that when it comes to providing healthcare, “excellent” and “least expensive” are not mutually exclusive.

1SpecialPlace is the most reputed online speech therapy services in India. They started as a brand called Hear n Speak in Noida in 2009. Since 2014, when they first began offering online speech therapy in India, they have helped tens of thousands of families worldwide. They take great pride in providing devoted professional services in the fields of

  • Speech language therapy
  • Mental health counseling
  • Special education
  • Occupational therapy
  • Audiological counseling
  • Parent trainings & programs
  • Early intervention

We are well on our way to proving that we are not managing our institution as merely another business focused solely on numbers, but rather that we are in a prime position to develop a model for healthcare services that is competitively priced, globally benchmarked, and quality-driven.

Online therapies are great for anyone. Be it for children with speaking challenges, special needs or behavioural challenges, or for adults who have a busy work schedule and need a late night/Sunday appointment. Furthermore, online therapy is great for the elderly patients who can get treatment from the safety and comfort of their home.

The Founder & CEO of 1SpecialPlace – Pratiksha Gupta (M.S. London), Gold medallist & university topper is a seasoned Speech Language Pathologist and Audiologist.  She opines, “With 1SpecialPlace you don’t get one therapist but an entire company advocating for your success and working for your happiness!”

2. SpHear Speech & Hearing Clinic

A clinic that recognises the need of meeting each patient’s specific listening needs in order to best serve them. The SpHear Clinic provides cutting-edge hearing aid technology as well as individualised hearing, speech, and communication services.

Regardless of age, we are committed to assisting everyone in enhancing their ability to communicate and achieve long-term career independence. Conducted several workshops & seminars on Cochlear Implants to train audiologists in India and South Asia.

3. Bhutani Hearing Aid

Bhutani Hearing Aid in New Delhi guarantees you top-notch hearing aid services with a team of highly qualified audiologists who have received training in accordance with international standards. These professionals include the best audiologist and Speech and Language Therapists (MASLP, Masters in Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology). Bhutani Hearing Aid in New Delhi guarantees you of top-notch hearing aid services with a staff of highly competent audiologists trained to international standards, including the best speech and Language Therapist MASLP (Master in Audiology, Speech and Language Pathology).

4. Hearsay well

Hearing aids, speech therapy supplies, and OPM kits are all things the Hearsay Well Speech and Hearing Clinic deals with.
Numerous patients of all ages have received regular care at the Hearsaywell Speech & Hearing clinic for diseases like dysarthria, aphasia, dysarticulation, delayed speech and language (DSL), voice therapy, dysarthria, and swallowing. Our clinic has more modern scientific treatment methods and documentation. In the event of autism, we practise ABA therapy. providing appropriate guidance and counselling. We have a hearing evaluation facility with cutting-edge equipment.

5. Unicare Speech & Hearing Clinic

The staff of Unicare Speech & Hearing Clinic includes specialists in respective disciplines who are all licenced by the Rehabilitation Council of India, including qualified audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and special educators (RCI). It is the only centre in this area of Delhi that has worked with experts of this kind. We have always been dedicated to producing high-quality work that has led to our clients’ successes. Since 2016, we have assisted numerous patients in developing their speech and hearing abilities to the fullest. The testimonials of our pleased patients serve as evidence of our effectiveness.

6. Tarang speech and hearing clinics

Tarang clinic provide people of all ages with cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic speech, language, and hearing services. At TARANG SPEECH AND HEARING CLINICS, we are experts in the most up-to-date hearing aid technology and offer comprehensive diagnostic and rehabilitation services for all sorts of speech and hearing issues. They think that having good hearing is important for a happy and healthy life, regardless of one’s age or socioeconomic standing. The Tarang Speech Therapy Clinic in Delhi specialises in employing the most recent technology to treat all speech and hearing impairments and has all contemporary diagnostic and therapeutic speech, hearing, and language facilities for people of all ages.

7. Speech therapy and ENT centre

Giving advise is simple, especially if you haven’t had the same issue. Of course, the suggestion has good intentions, but it can be difficult to implement. At SPEECH THERAPY CENTRE, we consistently look for a solution to the issue of STAMMERING (HAKLANA) We treat him mentally and obviously while keeping in mind the psychological setup of the issue. Every new case is a challenge to us, and by taking it, we guarantee that the issue is fully resolved. The number of instances we have resolved just supports the aforementioned claim. Our staff of specialists is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in dealing with any type of speech impairment, particularly stuttering or stammering (Haklana).

8. Asha speech and hearing clinic

For people of all ages who have issues with speech, hearing, or communication, we offer complete audiological and speech-language care. Our staff is made up of skilled and knowledgeable therapists who work with people who have a variety of communication impairments, such as dysarthria, apraxia, aphasia, misarticulation, and ADHD.

9. A beautiful mind clinic

Dr. Rajiv Sharma is a renowned psychiatrist in West Delhi who operates his own clinics in Janakpuri and New Delhi. He received his MD in psychiatry from the AIIMS in New Delhi.
Since he was a little child, Dr. Rajiv Sharma has dreamed of being a doctor. He has a strong passion for psychiatry and mental health. As there are numerous social stigmas and myths surrounding psychiatric disorders and mental issues, He and his team are grateful to the Almighty for giving them the chance to improve the lives of those who are affected by these conditions, as well as the lives of their families and society at large.

10. Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic

Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic is not just a straightforward clinic; it also has other components that function as a team to provide speech and hearing services. Mr. Gaurav Gunjan supports this clinic. He is the clinic’s manager and a well-known audiologist and speech therapist. The northern region of India will now receive services from Manas Speech & Hearing Clinic. We offer top-notch, high-class services to uphold and enhance the reputation of our clinic. The people who have any type of hearing, speech, or language issue can get relief at this clinic. The major goal is to support those who are struggling with both speaking and hearing issues. With its cutting-edge methods and technologies, Hearing Clinic has grown to be a household name while treating patients for about ten years.

A speech therapist, often known as a speech-language pathologist, evaluates, diagnoses, and treats communication issues and disorders. Both people with speech problems brought on by sickness or injury as well as children with developmental delays are treated by them. For a variety of reasons, your doctor might recommend that you see a speech-language pathologist.

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