Famous people with Autism

Famous people with Autism/ADHD

Famous people with Autism/ADHD

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Traits contribute to accomplishing nice things.
No matter what traits of disorder one might have, they have their distinctive strengths and talents.

There are several famed personalities with autism spectrum disorder who have used their strengths and talents to attain success, fame, or to accomplish wonderful things.

Following are the names of some of them:

1. Isaac Newton

Isaac NewtonNewton showed many signs of Asperger syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder). A kind of condition that doesn’t cause learning difficulties.
Baron-Cohen, from Oxford University, assessed the temperament traits of Newton to understand if he shows 3 key symptoms of Asperger syndrome:

  • obsessional interests,
  • issues in social relationships, and
  • issues acting the appropriate behavior. He is a classic case of Asperger’s Syndrome.

His core features: always quiet, completely engrossed in the work that he typically use to forget eating. He didn’t enjoy social interactions and use to feel awkward in conversations with others. If nobody turned up for his lectures, he gave them anyway.

2. Elbert Einstein

Elbert Einstein

As a child, Einstein always likes to be alone. He struggled to form sentences till the age of seven years. His students called him a confusing lecturer. Einstein exhibited three key symptoms of Asperger syndrome:

  • obsessive interests,
  • difficulty in social relationships, and
  • problems communicating.
He liked talking in an empty room with no students. He had a nervous breakdown at 50, because of depression and paranoia. Two scientists have conclued that he had a behavioural condition – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

3. Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci

He is widely known for his paintings, especially Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Leonardo also had a creative mind and showed some features like lack of discipline,  working hours, and lack of sleep.

4. Carl Jung – specialist & therapist

Carl Jung - specialist & therapist

Psychoanalytic theories have a great deal to do with the personality of the creator. Carl Jung was on the autism spectrum formerly called Asperger’s syndrome.  People on the spectrum have identity diffusion and move very easily between fact and fantasy.  Jung had what is called autistic intelligence, which was, ̔unconventional, unorthodox̕, and strange.

5. Anthony Philip Hopkins- Actor

Anthony Philip Hopkins- ActorAnthony Hopkins is an award-winning actor. A number of his traits of Autism spectrum disorder reflect

  •  psychoneurotic thinking,
  • problem maintaining friendships, and
  • looking out at friends with a novel perspective.

6. Charles Darwin

Charles DarwinCharles is believed to possess autism spectrum disorder. Darwin was an awfully quiet one that avoided social interactions. He was conjointly most popular to speak by writing instead of verbally expressing.

7. Nikola Tesla-Inventor

Nikola Tesla-InventorIt is believed that Tesla had several phobias. He experienced sensitivity to lightweight and sound. He is conjointly most popular to be alone and is thought to be obsessed with the number 3.

8. Bobby Fischer

Bobby FischerIs famous as a chess player and World Chess Champion. He dislikes unstructured things and experiences difficulty in moving well with others.

9. Eminem- Musician

Eminem- MusicianHe faced a tease at school because of autism. He described himself as shy and awkward.

The lyrics of “wicked ways” are ‘Ever heard of Aspergers? It’s a rare condition
It’s what you’re suffering from when you simply don’t care if it’s an eighty-degree day
and there’s no fricke air conditioning.

8. Elon Musk

Elon MuskHe is a well-known entrepreneur. While hosting a show “Saturday Night Live,” in 2021 revealed that he is on the spectrum.

9. Clay Marzo – Professional Surfer

Clay Marzo - Professional SurferMarzo is a professional competitive surfer from Hawaii. He is a child with autism. He won many surfing competitions and had many accomplishments including two Perfect 10s during a National Scholastic Surfing Association at age 15.

More famed personalities with this disorder:
  1. Thomas Alva Edison-artificer
  2. Alexander Graham Bell-artificer
  3. Henry Ford- artificer
  4. Ludwig Beethoven- Musician
  5. James Taylor- Singer-Songwriter & musician
  6. Lionel Messi- Player
  7. Craig Nicholls- Musician
  8. Wentworth Miller- Actor
  9. Tim Burton- Director

Happy learning!

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  • Joe L.

    I didn’t know Albert Einstein had symptoms of Autism-ADHD, which is very intresting because, I have ADHD and autism and, now that i read about that, i have the same three symptoms, the latter (the third one) of which is on a slightly minor scale

  • Heather

    Why no women on this list?

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