Chennai’s Museum of Possibilities

Chennai’s Museum of Possibilities – Ensuring BLISSful life for persons with disabilities

Parenting a child with a special needs, whether it’s a physical disability, a learning disablities, an emotional challenge, or a developmental disorder, can necessitate the acquisition of specific skills, such as care giving or advocacy, as well as time and energy commitment that can jeopardize careers, marriages, and relationships with other children. Over the years parenting has been studied far and wide by researchers.

In India, it is estimated that three million people suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorder. Other issues, such as Cerebral Palsy or genetic illnesses such as Down Syndrome, might have an impact on a person’s physical and cognitive development. It is typical practise in contemporary society to restrict the potential of kids with special needs to a set of “expected” behaviours. So here this week we are celebrating the milestone of special childrens and their acheivement  and much more lets have a look.

Chennai’s Museum of Possibilities – Ensuring BLISSful life for persons with disablities

The Museum of Possibilities in Chennai, a project of the Department for the Welfare of the Differently Abled, serves as a showcase for technology and assistive gadgets for people with disabilities.

At the Museum of Possibilities at Kamarajar Salai beside the Marina shore, there is a lot to explore and discover. The numerous aspects of a model accessible home, including its adaptable cutlery, furniture, and even board games placed on display, excite the attention of the visitors before an event the space is hosting.

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‘Was bullied in school, parents inspired me to dream big’: CBSE topper among kids with special needs

The national topper of the CBSE class 12 examinations in 2022 among students with special needs is Hannah Alice Simon, a resident of Kochi in the Keralan state.

Hannah will be able to study in the US on a full scholarship for her undergraduate degree. Hannah intends to study psychology while also majoring in both music and creative writing.

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As the world marks disability pride month, why is India missing?

Countries commemorate disablities pride in July. However, despite a recent upsurge in interest in disability rights and discussions about accessibility, disability pride has yet to enter India’s vernacular.

The societal advantages of celebrating disablities pride are extensive. It gives people who aren’t included in legal definitions of disablities the opportunity to express their identities in their own unique ways. Disability pride month gives people with disabilities like chronic pain the chance to discuss how their condition has influenced their identity.

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Neerja Birla: ‘We definitely need far more conversation around mental health’

Neerja Birla discusses the stigma associated with mental health and integrated education in India, as well as what important players must do.

There needs to be a lot more discussion about mental health. What can the media do to reduce the stigma attached to mental health and increase awareness, conversation, normalisation, and aspirational engagement with it? The media is crucial to making all of this happen.

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