India illuminates on World Fragile X Day

India lights up on World Fragile X Syndrome Day

The potential of children with exceptional needs is sometimes unknown to the general public. The general public typically has very few expectations when identifying special needs. Parents should think that educating kids with disability is important. Their acceptance in the family will increase in direct proportion to the level of expectations. This week i am starting the article with a good start of news on celebration on world fragile day and how it is celebrated with this there is much more for you lets start exploring.

India lights up on World Fragile X Syndrome Day

On the occasion of #WorldFragileXDay, selected INOX Cinemas across India lit up in Teal Green to spread awareness about this syndrome and do our bit in highlighting this vital cause.

On this day, World Fragile X Awareness Day, people from all over the world gather together to illuminate famous landmarks and monuments to bring awareness to the condition. The Fragile X Society-India has served as a support network for families affected by the disorder and works to raise awareness of it. We’ve hosted a lot of webinars this year to educate medical students on the illness.

Fragile X is the best solution we have because it is the most often hereditary single gene cause of autism.

How Special Needs Children in India Are Ignored by Mainstream Schools

According to Sudha Madhavi, who’s child Raju has epilepsy, autism, and a learning disability, “Nobody accepted my child into a standard school.”

Sometimes the issue begins with acknowledging a child’s specific requirements. Vishra Mahmoud was the victim of this. Mahmoud Fizarullah, her son, has experienced epilepsy since birth.

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Unicef’s State of the Education Report for India 2019 — Children with Disabilities — estimates that 7.8 million children in India have disabilities, which is a vast undercount. The Mumbai-based organisation Adapt (formerly known as the Spastics Society of India) places the number of CWSN at 20 million. Each and every special needs child needs to attend basic school.

Children with mild to moderate disabilities of any kind can attend regular schools, but those with severe disabilities should attend special or remedial schools. Dropouts who struggle to receive the benefits of regular schools can enrol in open schools. Children with disability or impairments can take vocational courses at open and special schools as well.

UP: More than 10,000 severely challenged children will receive learning aids and school supplies for at-home instruction.

The suggested objects for distribution include, among others, various wooden and plastic models, several kinds of peg boards, a kitchen set, a doctor set, various graphical charts, counting frames, building blocks, sensory flash cards, and a kit for sensory stimulation.
“Now, for the price of $3,500 per student, all of these kids will receive school supplies and stationery. The state government has allocated a total of 3.56 crore for this, according to Shraddha Gobrele, district coordinator for inclusive education in Prayagraj.

severely disabled kids to get learning aids

The committee would be led by Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA), and its members would include the district coordinator of inclusive education, the assistant finance and accounts officer, and the district coordinator (MIS).

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54 persons with disabilities take a booster dosage

Kolhapur: On Thursday, 54 individuals with disabilities received the recommended dose of the Covid vaccine at 11 locations run by the Kolhapur Municipal Corporation.

The booster dose was available to those with disabilities via a special drive set up by KMC. The KMC’s nodal officer for vaccinations, Amol Mane, stated, “We had urged the individuals with impairments to come for the preventive dose. As a result, numerous people showed up without calling.

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In Rajasthan, just two websites are accessible to disabled people.

According to information obtained from the ministry of social justice and empowerment, just two websites in Rajasthan have been made accessible for people with special needs as part of the government of India’s Accessible India Campaign (AIC). Only three websites were found to be accessible for people with impairments in the state, it was said.

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Disability is thus not just a health problem. It is a complex phenomenon, reflecting the interaction between features of a person’s body and features of the society in which he or she lives.’

DGCA updates regulations for accessible air travel

The aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has modified regulations to make it easier for individuals with disabilities (Divyangjan) to board and fly.

According to a senior DGCA official, on July 21 an amendment was made to the Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) Section-3, Series M Part I, “Carriage by Air – Persons with Disability (Divyangjan) and/or Persons with Reduced Mobility,” to make it easier for people with disabilities (Divyangjan) to board and fly.

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Man with a disability “denied” parking space at cial

KOCHI: On July 9, a disabled man from Malappuram who travelled by car to the airport in Kochi claimed that the security officers at the airport refused to let him park his vehicle in the designated space for people with disabilities (PwDs).
Mohammed Shanil, who is confined to a wheelchair owing to a locomotor disorder, claimed that despite submitting a complaint to the airport and the State Commissionerate for Persons with Disabilities, he never received a satisfactory response.

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Child with autism “denied” e-registration number, school in shambles

An autistic student’s future has allegedly been messed with by a private school in this area.

Hritesh Uppal’s parents have complained to the District Education Department that their child must repeat Class IX because the school failed to register him on the e-Punjab school website and that they are having trouble getting him enrolled in another institution that is associated with the Punjab School Education Board. Hritesh Uppal has mild to moderate symptoms of autism (PSEB).

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Autism is a neurodevelopmental difference. In other words, it simply means a person with Autism has a unique nervous system. Further, Autistic have atypical brains. Do we consider this slight variation a disorder? This is something we need to think about! Is it a disorder or just neuro-diversity? Typically, Autism develops as a child grows. People discover signs of Autism as early as 12months in an infant. This is due to genetics and evolution. Similarly, each of us has a different personality. Similarly, Autistic people have diverse brains.

Autism is considered a disability from a legal point of view. This is because Autistic people need access to extra support, care, and government aid. Since each person with Autism is unique, their need for support also varies.

Antipsychotics and Therapy Help a 6-Year-Old Girl with Behavior Issues

A 6-year-old girl with Dravet syndrome was treated with low-dose aripiprazole, a member of a more recent class of antipsychotic drugs, along with psychotherapy, behavioural and occupational therapy, and it was discovered to improve behaviour, attention, and educational issues.

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Within 100 days of their enrollment, 17 percent of nursing home residents begin taking antipsychotic medications, and 10 percent receive just one prescription.

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