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Top 10 medical professionals on National Doctors Day

Top 10 medical professionals on National Doctors Day

Today, we honour the selflessness and extraordinary sacrifices made by the medical community.

It’s interesting to note that different countries honour doctors on different days of the year. However, the holiday is observed in India on July 1. The distinguished doctor served as West Bengal’s second Chief Minister.

The top ten doctors of the year are recognised by India Mirror. A well-known news and marketing digital portal in India, for their capacity to fight and thrive in the face of overwhelming odds and for helping to establish themselves as the cornerstone of India’s healthcare system.

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Lets get a sneak peak into the events happend on this week.

Bengaluru has a play area for children with special needs

The play area, which spans over one acre inside the city’s most prominent green space, was created for kids with disabilities by Mindtree (a technology consulting and services company), in collaboration with Bal Bhavan and Smart City.

Parenting a child with a special needs, whether it’s a physical disability, a learning disability, an emotional challenge, or a developmental disorder. It can necessitate the acquisition of specific skills, such as care giving or advocacy, as well as time and energy commitment that can jeopardize careers, marriages, and relationships with other children.

Over the years parenting has been studied far and wide by researchers. Your child with special needs could be having a meltdown due to various reasons. Do not shame the child, instead acknowledge his/her emotional state, validate and name the emotions and offer help. Allow time for uninterrupted play and help only when your child seeks help.

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This Chennai teacher makes a commitment to inclusive education and wants to remove barriers for students with disabilities.

Adithi, the daughter of Nirupama Sriram, has a milestone delay, a condition in which a child does not complete one of the crucial phases of development by the anticipated age. She was helping her daughter when she noticed this abrupt transformation, and it inspired her to pursue a career in education.

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Teachers of disabled students protest for wage increases in Karnataka under the banner of “Struggle to Make a Living”

Teachers are have to pay out of their own pockets to renew their teaching certifications every five years, despite only receiving a pitiful monthly salary of Rs 13,500.

The teachers came from at least 20 different Karnataka districts. Children with disabilities who are unable to attend ordinary schools should attend the special schools.

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To find accessibility gaps for students with impairments, AICTE prepares an audit.

The All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) intends to undertake an accessibility audit of affiliated institutes.
According to AICTE, it intends to promote the enrollment of disabled students in technical education. These mechanisms should cover physical accessibility of academic institutions, improvement of the teaching-learning process, post-admission support systems, and other connections.

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The UDID portal created by DEPwD is where the competent medical authorities of the States/UTs give UDID cards.

A national database for PwDs is being created as part of the “Unique ID for Persons with Disabilities” initiative, and each PwD will receive a unique disability identity card. The project will promote uniformity as well as transparency, efficiency, and ease of providing government assistance to people with disabilities.

AISA urges the VC to make the JNU campus accessible for PwD students.

The All India Students’ Association (AISA) on Thursday requested Vice-Chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit to address the long-standing problem. Claiming that the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus is still “inaccessible” for people with disabilities (PwDs).

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Run by the EcoSonic Playground Project, these camps are for kids with autism.

The brothers’ mother and the boys’ applied behaviour analysis (ABA) therapist watched as they alternately ran around and played various sounds. Rhythms on the EcoSonic Playground they and the other campers had constructed.

A PVC pipe structure holding musical instruments the child had designed and made from recycled materials like plastic water bottles and buckets.

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Bengaluru has its first exclusive park for kids with disabilities.

Thaawarchand Gehlot, the governor of Karnataka, opened a special play area for kids with disabilities. In cooperation with Bal Bhavan and Smart City. The technology consulting and services firm Mindtree is creating the park. About 2.4 lakh youngsters with special needs due to cerebral palsy, autism, and other disabilities would benefit from the park. There will be a time when you will look back and realize that your child has achieved so much more than you expected. When that time comes, appreciate yourself. 

The park’s layout makes it easy to navigate between the many play areas. The majority of the park’s playthings are Indian-made.

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