Role Play Activities To Promote Speech

Role Play Activities To Promote Speech

Role Play Activities To Promote Speech

Role Play is fun and it is very important to develop communication skills. Play also helps in learning lifelong skills. There are many kinds of Play. One among that is Role Pay.  In this article, we are going to discuss about role play activities to promotes speech skills.

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What is Role play?

In Role play children have lot of fun. In this, two or more people will act out a situation. It also helps  children in communication, Speech and language skills, social skills and awareness about themselves and their environment. They act out role of others . Below, we will discuss about Role Play activities to promote speech.

For example, a child acting like a teacher, doctor, shopkeeper and so on. They try to act as real life people or situation.

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How Role Play promote speech skills?

  • It will help in Communication and Language Skills

The kids use more new words and expressions when playing, so communication and Language skills will improve.
For Example, let’s see a Role play scene where the child acts like a Nurse. The child acts as if she is wearing a white coat and holding syringe. The child uses many words like injection, pain, medicine, Doctor, Bed, Hospital etc. So the child will hear and use many words relating to that situation.

  • Increases Social and Emotional skills

The children will start to talk to others while in role play. They will use words, then sentences and conversations .They will start to take turns when speaking and think from other’s point of view. When they are playing, it will be stress free. There is no pressure from others. They can enjoy and do as they like.
Let’s see some example, making children praise other’s, waiting for their turn, to accept blame, asking help to others and so on.

  • Improves Imagination and Creativity

Play is fun .It does not have any limits. There are no rules and they can imagine as they like and want. Here, they can create different situations and act it out, think about it. Finally, they will also start to solve the problems.

We can give children building blocks, kitchen set so that they can imagine and play with it.
Otherwise, we can give some puppet and ask them to dress it up.

  • Improves Vocabulary

Vocabulary is important to express ideas and thoughts. To teach new words, we can a situation and then ask the child to say words related to the situation. For example, when we say School, they can use many words like Chalk, Board, Pen, Teacher, Bell, Play area, Marker, Friends, and Uniform etc. We can also use story books .All children loves to listen to stories. You can teach children lots of new words, encourage them to express themselves in their own words, finding solution for problem etc.

Role Play Activities to Promote Speech

Story Books

we need to take simple stories. It should have ideas so that we can focus on language skills too.
For example, if we take the story of Hare and Tortoise, we can read it out and explain it to the child first. Then, we can ask the child to act it out. So let one of the children take the role of Hare and other as Tortoise. They can act it out.

This will help in building

  • Vocabulary : We can teach children new words and ask them to make sentences out of it.
  • Turn taking skills: We can work on making child to wait for their turn to speak. This will later on help them in waiting for others and their turn while speaking.
  • Comparing : You can ask the child to say the features of each animal, like tell me something about Hare and Tortoise, Opposite concept like Fast-slow, Long –short , Color, Emotions etc.
  • Requesting: Items or objects need to prepare like models of animals, marker to draw finishing line etc. So, the child has to request for the wanted item.
  • Problem solving: Help the child to come out with solutions when there is a problem. So, they will start to learn about cause and effect relationship.
  • Social Interaction: when more kids are there, we can help on social interaction too.Click here to know more about reading story books to children.

Keep some animal model or make model using play dough and ask the child to take the role of Zookeeper. So, the child can give water and food in a bowl .


Take kitchen set and play as making food and doing laundry etc.


Collect books and arrange them in a table or chair and read aloud story.

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In summary, Role Play is a fun task. We can teach children a lot of concepts with role play. It will help in improving communication skills, vocabulary, social skills, creativity, imagination, problem solving skills etc. Games, Story Books, Toys can be used for role-play. Play has no limits so children will love to play and learn with role play.

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