Toys to Promote Imagination in Kids

Toys to Promote Imagination in Kids

Toys to Promote Imagination in Kids

Kids love to play with toys. Often we find ourselves questioning, “Which toy should I get for my child?” “What are the best toys in the market available for my child?” Toys can be used by children for different skills. Toys help in developing various skills such as language, fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, etc. You can use a single toy in different ways. In this blog, we will go through various toys that promote imagination in kids.

You will find it amusing, that you don’t really need fancy, trendy, or expensive toys to do so. Even the simplest toys can promote imagination in kids.

How do we choose toys to promote imagination in kids?

  • Choose toys that can be used in different ways such as blocks that can be used to make a house, train, chair, etc.
  • Choose toys that encourage problem-solving skills & exploration such as puzzles.
  • Use real-life toys such as wooden kitchen sets, first aid boxes, etc.
  • Choose toys that make your child physically active such as balls, cycles, gardening tools, etc.
  • Use toys that promote cross-generational play such as board games.

Why promote imagination in kids?

Imagination is important in kids as it aids in the development of various other skills listed below:

  • Social and Emotional development
  • Creative development
  • Physical development
  • Language and Communication skills development
  • Thinking and Problem-solving skill development

Here is a list of Toys to Promote Imagination in Kids:

  1. Building Toys- Examples: Magnatiles, Lego, Wooden blocks, etc.

Building Toys

Blocks of any kind are really great for kids of all ages. You can use blocks to build almost anything your child can imagine. Building toys allow kids to make more durable masterpieces. After making them, you can put them on a shelf for as long as your child wants. Make up some stories with it, use it in games, etc.  There are also other types of building toys, such as Magnatiles, that offer greater flexibility and different ways to build.  These are blocks with magnets in them. You don’t really have to have all these fancy toys. Even simple wooden blocks work wonders.

  1. Art Toys – Examples: Playdoh, Chalk & Board, Crayons & Books

Art Toys

Drawing is an activity that many children enjoy. You can encourage your children by giving those toys that make it easy to express themselves.  You can use the above-mentioned examples. Washable pens or paints make messes more bearable.  You can also use magnetic boards. Use anything that your child likes. Finger paint is a favorite of young artists, but it can be quite messy. Art truly helps your children express their imagination.

Here are Top 10 Toys for Occupational Therapy

  1. Craft Toys- Examples: Craft Kits, Origami, Rock painting

Craft Toys

There are various sorts of crafts that children can do.  Craft kits come with everything needed for a specific craft project. This makes crafting easy.  You can also buy individual craft items and let your children’s imaginations take over. Creativity comes quite naturally to kids.  Kids who are encouraged to be creative often have a greater interest and motivation in learning. And these children are more likely to do better in school and life.

  1. Prop Toys- Examples: Tool kits, Kitchen sets, Doctor’s tools

Prop Toys

Many toys serve as props. These include tool kits, doctor’s tools, kitchen sets, or gardening supplies. All of these are great for encouraging imagination. Prop toys encourage a wide range of role-playing scenes. For example, your child can use the props along with their stuffed toy—and their imagination—to become an animal doctor.

  1. Musical Toys- Examples: Musical Instruments, Videos, etc.

Musical Toys

Music is an amazing tool for children. You can find get simple toy instruments for even the youngest of your child.  Babies love plastic drums and xylophones. If your child shows great interest in the guitar, you can start with guitar lessons. Children who love to sing might enjoy singing classes.  You can also use special effects so your little singer can sound like a pro.  Nowadays, there are lots of sing-a-long videos and toys available.

  1. Figurines- Examples: Models of Animals, Foods, Vehicles, etc.


Figurines such as plastic animal toys, vehicle toys, or fantasy creature figures such as dinosaurs are great for encouraging and promoting imaginative play in children. They can use their imagination to role-play different scenarios.  In doing so, children can help bring their figurines to life. For example, they could role-play as an astronaut figurine and explore the dark starry sky at night with all the stars and planets.


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