News that touched us this week

News that touched us this month

News that touched us this month

Disabilities are a broad phrase that encompasses impairments, activity limitations, and participation constraints. Impairment is an issue with a person's physical structure or function; activity limitation is a problem with a person's ability to perform an action or task; and participation restriction is a problem with a person's ability to participate in life events.

Indian society is weaved in a way where childrens having a disorders are still not getting a proper attention as they needed. From this news you will get to know about various activities done for children or people with disorder. I'm not sure how these things happen, but I'm going to do it anyway. As one of the leading Online speech therapy providers we know how important it is to talk about the various disabilities specially in a country like india where people find any disability as a taboo.

Lets see the top news headlines of the week:

2UC Berkeley students became the first nonspeaking autistic graduates in history.

"Nothing is impossible if you believe in it," someone once stated. That best describes two nonspeaking autistic kids who graduated with honours from U.C. Berkeley this week. It's a watershed moment for them and Cal. U.C. Berkeley set a goal that helped people like David and Hari enhance their quality of life.

David and his classmate Hari Srinivasen have paved the way for other students with impairments at Cal.

As a result, the brain is able to manage how my jaw, lips, tongue, and soft palate join together to form sounds and words for the vast majority of people. Hari and David, on the other hand, are finding it tough to make all of those moves.

Source: abc7 news

Talking about John Miller a teacher with autism has changed the life of people

Students with autism at Palm Beach Gardens' Watson B. Duncan Middle School are learning not only academics, but also crucial life lessons from someone who has been through similar experiences.

He's been a teacher for 20 years, seven of them at Duncan Middle School, where he taught language arts to students with autism. He assists children in advocating for themselves, becoming more self-sufficient, and adapting to their surroundings. If classroom schedule is irregular or nonexistent, students on the spectrum may exhibit rigidity or inflexibility.

Due to school schedules, staff absences, weather changes, or human error, however, it is impossible to avoid adjustments in everyday activities. Along with dealing with unpredictability, teachers may find it beneficial to expose kids to new places, materials, peers, and activities during the school year in order to broaden their exposure to a variety of situations.

Some reports have found that those who discovered they had autism as adults expressed more favourable feelings.

Autistic people frequently do not acquire a diagnosis until they are adults.

A group of autistic and non-autistic students as well as academic scholars conducted the research. Respondents also expressed their feelings about their lives and their current status as autism. The increased demands of social life in the adult world, coupled with the non-verbal communication and perspective challenges that come with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), can make aspects of daily interaction overwhelming for adults at any developmental level.

"The findings, which were published in peer-reviewed journalism, imply that, in addition to age, many facets of identity may influence how people react to learning they are autistic."

Get to know about early childhood stuttering or typical disfluency with ASHA.


"On the surface, this appears to be a challenging subject, given several studies demonstrate that up to 80% of infants with early speech disfluencies can recover."

Meet AM Reddy, a doctor from Hyderabad, has been honoured in the United Kingdom for finding a cure for Autism.

When the doctor earns his accolade, he will present the research report to the UK Parliament. He wants to make Autism and ADHD a thing of the past. We congratulate the doctor on his groundbreaking effort, which will continue to inspire future generations.

He dedicated his life to treating Autism and ADHD by opening dedicated clinics in Hyderabad under the name Dr Care Autism Center.

See how autism has inspired 14-year old photographer to inspires thousands on TikTok.

The 14-year-old and his mother have also spoken out about how autism has given him a distinct perspective on life that he uses in his paintings.

How can we make our society more inclusive? 'Disability: Special People, Special Stories' is a documentary that you should watch.

Why do differntly abled people faced always discrmination? Repotrdly IndiGo has been chastised for refusing to allow a disabled child to board a flight. Autism affects one out of every 100 children, according to the World Health Organization. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disease that can lead to major social, communicative, and behavioural difficulties.

Since each person with Autism is unique, their need for support also varies. This is because Autistic people need access to extra support, care, and government aid. Likewise, SLPs also build the basics of social interaction and facilitate building interpersonal relationships in PwASD. Since PwASD have difficulties in both verbal and Non-verbal communication, these professionals become an important part of the team.

Shraddha Sorpakar from Prahladnagar a trustiee with NGO working has been refused by an private bank employee to issue a card of girl over her disability

Click here to see a detail article from TOI news

A private bank employee from prahladnagar, which is in charge of distributing Aadhaar cards, is accused of refusing to grant one to a girl due to her mental handicap. The parents have brought the matter to the attention of higher authorities. Shraddha attempted, but failed, to raise the issue with the manager. She stated that she would bring the matter to the attention of higher authorities.

Hope this news article helps you to get a weekly dose. Speech and language difficulties are among the most common health issues among both children and adults in India, where speech impairment is the seventh most common handicap, with a prevalence of 7%. 1SpecialPlace is committed to giving India's best online speech therapy.

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