Child Psychologist Myths and Facts

Child Psychologist Myths and Facts

Child Psychologist Myths and Facts

There is still a lot of stigma in our society when it comes to visiting a child psychologisFt. This stigma does more damage than we realize and it is time that we bust these myths and look at the reality. Let us see what these myths about child psychologist are!

Your child will be on medications if you visit a child psychologist.

Psychologist never prescribes medications. Medicines can only be prescribed by a psychiatrist who has studied medicine. A psychologist will help you understand steps that need to be taken in order to improve your situation. A child psychologist will help you to deal with your child in a healthy manner that promotes the good well-being of the family and not just the child.

A child psychologist will diagnose your child

Although psychologists can give you a diagnosis, they will not always focus on it. It is more important to treat the problem rather than focus on the diagnosis. Every psychologist works on different principles so you can choose which one works for you the best.

A child psychologist will judge your parenting skills.

Many people are scared of seeing a psychologist thinking that their parenting skill will be judged when in fact it is the opposite. A psychologist is ethically bound to treat you without any judgement and with utmost positive regard. Their job is to provide you with a safe space to ensure you are comfortable talking about your family and child.

A child psychologist will only interact with kids

No, Psychologist won’t only interact with your child. Parents and family members make a big part of the child’s world so parents play an important role. Before meeting your child, a psychologist will meet the parents and take all the relevant information to understand which area of child’s behaviour to focus on.

You will get the solution in 1 session

Usually, people think that consulting a psychologist will be like getting an instant solution. In reality, it takes time and consistency to get the desired results. Expecting a change in any behaviour will not come easy. It takes a lot of learning, unlearning and setting boundaries. These things are sensitive and usually take time. It is important to understand that consistency and patience are vital.

A child psychologist will give you advice and tell you what to do.

A psychologist never gives advice as opposed to popular belief. They will play the role of a facilitator and act as a support system for families but will never tell them what to do. The role of a psychologist is more to give you healthier options of being rather than directing you to do something. They will show you the clear picture and then leave you to make the right choice.


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