Earth day learning activity

Earth Day Activities

Earth Day Activities

Earth day is celebrated on the 22nd of April every year. It is a day dedicated to creating awareness regarding protecting our mother earth. And it is a very good time to create this awareness among children. What could be better than having fun earth day learning activities online that your kids would love!! These activities are not only fun but will help children understand the importance and significance of this day. Keep reading for some amazing earth day learning activities online!

1. Plant a tree

You can grow a plant with your child. Choose your child’s favorite plant and get some seeds. Plant the seeds and have your child water them every day. Ask your child to observe how the seed turns into a sapling then into a plant. You can also ask your child to draw the plant and how each part of the plant is important in its own way.

2. Explore the natural world

You can take your children out for a visit to an orchard, hiking on a mountain, or an evening at the beach. Talk about the different things that you see around you. Talk about how the trees grow, how the sun sets, how we get rain etc. These are some of the best ways to bring children closer to nature.

3. Explore your surroundings

You can do this by gathering up all your children at home and taking them to places close to your home. You can have a picnic and also include some fun learning activities at home like a clean-up activity for example. ‘The child who collects the most bottle caps in a minute wins a candy’. In this way, you can have fun as well as clean the environment.

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4. Show children they can save energy

Do simple things like shutting the water while brushing their teeth, switching off the lights when not in use, moping the floor instead of washing, etc. Explain to them why and how these small gestures can help save energy in the long run. If you have many children in the family, you can assign one duty per person. Include yourself in the learning activity as well. Your children will learn better when they see you in action.

5. Organize a fun treasure hunt

Make a list of different items that your child can collect from their surroundings. Some examples include leaves, stones, twigs, etc. Encourage your child to use these picked-up items creatively by making things that they could use on a daily basis. Have fun making fun things!

6. Encourage the use of cloth and paper bags

Take your children shopping along with you. Carry cloth or paper bags with you when you are leaving the house. You can also make a cloth or paper bag with your child together and stitch your child’s name on the bag. In this way when you go shopping together, your child can carry their bag along with them put in items that they want.

7. Have your children clean up

Show your children how to clean up their room and play area. You can also show them how to segregate waste into waste bins. Make it a part of your daily routine and theirs as well. Your children will slowly pick up this routine over time.

8. Make a 3D Earth Model

This activity is for much older children. You can help your child make a 3D model of the earth. Here is a  printable version that you can download: 3D Earth Day Paper Crafts. You could also use recycled papers at home for this activity.

9. Spread Awareness

You can design some banners, posters, and cards along with your child. This can be done to spread awareness to your child and others as well. You can use recycled paper and natural fruit/vegetable colors for the materials. Get involved with the school and plan a virtual recycling day.

10. Create an Earth Day reading list

You may have young children at home who might be too young to participate in Earth Day learning activities online. Here is a list of some books that you can read on Earth Day: Inspiring Earth Day Reading List for Children. These books will teach your toddler about the importance of the day in a fun way!!

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