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Top 5 Learning Apps for Kids

Top 5 Learning Apps for Kids

The education business has seen a massive upheaval in the previous few decades. Learning has been much more accessible as a result of the introduction of apps, making it much more enjoyable for students of all ages. Educational apps are being used to bridge the communication gap between parents and teachers, as well as between children and teachers.

Childhood is a crucial period for learning. And, as youngsters become increasingly intelligent, there is a pressing need to provide new, advanced learning tools and approaches. Let’s have a look at the Top 5 Learning Apps for Kids in this article.

  1. Edoki Academy

Edoki Academy apps

Edoki Academy is a learning app. It uses the Montessori Method of self-directed learning. This app is designed to help children develop logic and reasoning skills. You can use this app with children from 3-7 years of age. It is a simple app to use. You have various categories such as Math, Language, Creativity, Literacy, Shapes and Colours, Drawing, Nursey rhymes, Music, Practical Life, Discovery, and other bundles. Edoki Academy has almost more than 1000 activities. It also includes 30+ learning apps online. It has a fun “reward“system for increased motivation. The Edoki Academy app promises smart and playful screen time, superior user experience, and a curriculum designed by certified Montessori teachers.


ABCmouse apps

The app is designed for pre-schoolers. You can use the learning apps for students from 2-8 years of age. The app contains hundreds of interactive games, videos, and activities. The app includes various activities such as animations, books, songs, puzzles, art, and printables. It has 4 main categories: Reading, Math, Science and Art & Colours. You can use this app to learn from anywhere.

The app has 10 levels with over 850 lessons. You can use the learning apps for toddlers on smartphones, tablets, and computers. The app has inbuilt progress tracking for each category mentioned above. encourages children to complete learning activities by rewarding them with tickets. You can also use a customizable avatar that resembles your child within the app. The app truly is an early learning academy.

  1. Epic!

Epic app

Epic! is one of the best reading apps for kids. You can use this app for children between 2-12 years of age. The Epic! The library contains over 40,000 books, audiobooks, and learning videos for children. It includes a read-to-me feature for early readers who are still learning to read. This app has some amazing features. You can personalize your child’s daily reading. The app makes daily age and level-appropriate recommendations for your child. You get these recommendations based on your child’s interests. Also, you can track your child’s progress. You can see what books your child likes, the amount of time spent, and much more. Epic! Assures quality books that your children will love. You can use Epic! As it is easy to access. Also, do not forget to check out the Epic! Blog for top book recommendations.

  1. Homer Learn & Grow

Homer Learn & Grow app

Homer is an early learning program app. A team of experts has designed this app. The Homer Learn & Grow app can be used with children from 2-8 years of age. The app includes personalized interactive lessons, stories, and activities by skill level, age, and interests. It is fun and flexible to use with kids. You can incorporate the activities into your child’s daily routines. It has the following key features. It has activities across subjects such as Reading, Math, Social Emotional Learning, Creativity, and Thinking Skills.  Also, it has hundreds of stories and characters your child will love— from classics like Little Red Riding Hood to favorites like Thomas the Train. With one membership, you can use up to 4 customizable profiles.

The app also has additional resources for parents, including printables, videos, activities, and expert learning tips. And the best thing about this online learning app is that it is kid-friendly and Ad-free.

  1. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids app

The Khan Academy Kids app is designed by experts in childhood education. The app boasts of a robust curriculum for the domains which include math, reading, phonics, writing, social-emotional development, and more. You can access thousands of lessons, books, activities, and games. The games and activities are fun to play and are highly interactive in nature. All these are designed for children attending preschool up to the second grade. You can use this app to learn at school or even at home. You can customize the activities for your child and choose lessons accordingly. Khan Academy Kids is a free app. It is always updated by adding new content to keep young kids engaged while learning.

Remember, the best learning apps allow children to actively engage and learn information. They do not distract. Choose the best online learning app for your child based on their interest and learning requirements.

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