Importance of Early Intervention for Speech Disorders

Importance of Early Intervention for Speech Disorders

Importance of Early Intervention for Speech Disorders

What is Early Intervention?

Importance of Early Intervention for Speech Disorders, The early years of a child are crucial for speech and language skills. This is because young children’s brains develop very quickly. It absorbs skills easily. The time period from birth to 3 years is important. The early intervention services are up to 5 years of age. Early intervention for speech disorders at a very young age is advised. This is for better outcomes of speech and language skills. The earlier a communication problem is identified and intervened, the better it is.

So why is early intervention important?

  1. Brain development

Children develop and learn speech and language skills as they grow. However, research says,  speech and language skills are acquired from birth to 3 years. This is to make use of the critical period. So that the child receives maximum support to develop skills.

  1. Provides resources, information, and support

Early intervention gives parents support, resources, and info. Parent participation is crucial for speech disorders. When parents and speech therapists work together for the child’s speech goals, it gives good results.

  1. Improved relationships

When your child has a speech and language delay, interaction with others is poor. This makes it hard for your child to make friends. Using early intervention, children learn how to talk and develop speech skills.

  1. Promotes academic success

Speech is needed for the academic success of your child. Speech and language intervention and early literacy skills prepare your child for school.

  1. Learning is fun

Your child will learn best when it is fun. Early intervention supports families to do daily activities. This approach gives opportunities. Early intervention helps the child to generalize. Further, so that the child can communicate well. And we do all these activities in a fun way!!

  1. Will it resolve or not?

Is the speech difficulty going to persist or is it going to resolve without therapy? We cannot know for sure. It is, hence, needed to intervene early. The earlier the intervention, the better.

  1. Equips children with compensatory strategies

Children need to use strategies when it comes to speech disorders. Especially speech sound disorders. These strategies help to give the child early relief from their issues.

Where and how can I get early intervention services for my child?

1SpecialPlace provides early intervention. Further, children aged less than 5 years can enroll. To know more, click here: Early Intervention Program (EIP)

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