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Building Confidence in Kids

Building Confidence in Kids

Do you remember yourself as a child? Were you a confident outgoing kid or the quiet one always in the background? Do you feel you could have prospered more had you been more confident? Do you sometimes fear that your child can lose out on opportunities? Therefore, building confidence in kids matters but it is not so hard to build up confidence in your child after all. Further, the sooner we expose our kids to new things, the better they mold to them. In other words, the younger they are the better.

Thus, confidence plays a huge role in how we perceive ourselves and how the world perceives us. So, being confident can help us go one step ahead and enhance ourselves and interact with our environment to the best of our ability. Then, how we speak and conduct ourselves can help in not just forming a good impression but a lasting one too. And last but not the least, being confident also helps us feel good about ourselves. And that’s what matters, ultimately. As parents, we would want the very same for our kids as well. Therefore, building confidence in kids will take some effort and work on yourself too.

  • Set Examples

Children do what they see around them. Their environment makes a big difference in how they grow up. They look at you and learn so it is important to be the right role model. If they see a confident parent, they will be confident children. Seeing the right examples in front of them can be a good start.

  • Allow kids to make mistakes

Let your children make mistakes and learn from them. That’s how growth happens. Instead of reprimanding them, appreciate them and laud their efforts. Saying, ‘that was a good try, maybe next time we could do this can make them feel motivated and interested.

  • Encourage them to try new things and appreciate the tiniest effort taken

Keep introducing your kids to new hobbies and activities. So, they will not always be keen or interested in doing them but it is important to appreciate their effort and let them know that you are with them no matter what. You can use these resources for the same to further building confidence in your kids.

  • Embrace mistakes and imperfections in yourself too

Children learn from what they see and their eyes are on you so better to make it worthwhile and accept yourself with your imperfections. Hence, seeing their role models- parents being human and making mistakes will make them feel comfortable when they make mistakes too. Share your failures and success with them and let them know it is okay to fail and keep trying. Using statements like, ‘You don’t have to be perfect’ can do the trick.

  • Show your love and acceptance wholeheartedly

Kids only need your unconditional love and acceptance. Ensure your children know you are there for them no matter what. Sometimes we need to keep reminding and re-assuring them of it. Using statements like, ‘How can you be so good at this?’ can help. Make sure you applaud them for who they are not for what they do according to you. That will make them appreciate their own qualities boosting their confidence.

  • Pay attention to them

Firstly, it is important for adults to take notice and pay attention to kids when they need it. Paying attention includes one on one time without gadgets or screens. Letting your child know that they have all your attention and you are genuinely interested in them.  Getting involved in playing and letting them take charge or just saying, ‘I’m listening to you’ makes them feel seen and heard.

  • Encourage them to express their opinion

Let your kids know that their opinion matters. Ask them for advice on small things and listen to them. Ask their opinion on things around the house. It will make them feel important and noticed.  This will automatically boost their self-confidence. Using statements like, ‘How do you come up with such great ideas?’ can help. If your child is not very talkative or is reluctant to speak, you can refer to this article for help.


Building a child’s confidence is as important as their academic progress and can help in personal growth. How a child sees themselves, performs at school, relate with friends and family depends on their self-esteem and confidence. Further, confidence often gets affected in parent-child relationships where parents are either over-critical or over-involved or share a poor emotional connection, prefer harsh punishments, and/or appreciate too much or sparingly. In other words, understand what your child needs from you and make changes accordingly. Remember, being confident can do wonders for your children’s growth and they benefit from it for life.


Sayee Deshpande
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