The Importance of Getting Bored

The Importance of Getting Bored

As a parent in today’s world, we can get easily overwhelmed. This blog is on the Importance of Getting Bored. So, what is the importance of getting bored?. Further, with a dearth of activities around us. Usually, it is easy to get carried away.  Additionally, in between all the activity classes, online schooling, screen time monitoring, have you forgotten that your child is now always occupied with doing something or the other? Do you remember how as kids, you would have imaginary friends? How many of those do you see in children around you now? Rarely, right? Hence, that’s because kids now have over-packed schedules that affect their scope of being imaginative. Further, we don’t let our kids get bored and that curbs their creativity and imaginary skills that are the most important part of their childhood.


  1. Boredom fosters creativity

Boredom develops the creative side of kids. Further, bored children will always find a way to play with their surroundings, mumble to themselves and make a game on their own. Hence, that gives them the chance to develop their novel side of the brain.

  1. Develops identity

Having an unscheduled time will give a chance for your kids to discover what they really enjoy. By overscheduling them with activities of our choice, we tend to take away the chance of them finding what they truly enjoy.

  1. Fosters visualization skills

Getting bored stimulates interests that will remain for the long term. It forces children to think and builds up their imagery skills. Encourage your child by asking them ‘what if’ questions like ‘what if you could fly?’ ‘What if your bed was a car?’ Pretend play can be great for improving visualization skills. Remember, these are the same skills that will help your children remember what they studied for exams and will be useful to them all their life.

  1. Builds Confidence

Bored children will eventually choose to do what they like or will find something to do with things available around them. So choosing and doing a certain activity successfully will boost their self-esteem. It makes them feel more confident in trying new things and taking risks.

  1. Builds a sense of responsibility

Children appreciate when they make a choice or have the freedom to choose. They get to decide for themselves when bored. That makes them feel good.  Deciding what to do in boredom and making decisions for themselves will make them feel more responsible and they would enjoy taking more responsibilities and carrying out activities by themselves.


It can be a daunting task to keep your children occupied so why not introduce a little boredom time for your child. You can start slow and gradually introduce a longer duration and see the results. Once you realize the need for this unscheduled time and become comfortable with it you will understand how important it is. So next time before scheduling your child’s day set some free time.


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