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Top 20 Parenting Tips

Top 20 tips for parents

Encourage creativity

  1. Listen more than you talk, talk more than you preach ,

To encourage your kids to talk, make sure you listen to them and respond appropriately. Instead of lecturing or preaching, try to take a friendlier route to teach things.

  1. Think before you act/speak

Your kids learn from you. You are their role model. Be mindful of your actions.

  1. Encourage creativity

Creative and imaginative play needs to be encouraged to enhance your child’s growth.

  1. Get social

Try to encourage social gatherings especially involving other children to teach your child social-emotional skills and social etiquette.

  1. Be honest

The best way to communicate with your kid about awkward topics is simply to be honest and precise.

  1. Be flexible with parenting style

Every child will demand different parenting styles at different stages. Learn to adapt.

  1. Practice kindness

Being kind is the greatest virtue you can give your child but it will only come if they see it around them.

  1. Be consistent with rules

Every child needs rules to understand how to interact with the world around them. Make sure you are consistent so they understand and follow rules better.

  1. Foster independence in children

Giving your child independence is most important if you want them to grow into self-sufficient adults. Resist doing what they can do by themselves.

  1. Play with them

Buying your kids their favorite toys isn’t enough. Teaching them how to play and being involved mentally and physically will help in the long term.

  1. Inculcate discipline

Discipline is important for all human beings in order to follow a routine and form good habits that eventually lead to a healthy lifestyle. Introduce discipline to kids.

  1. Avoid harsh punishments

Giving your child harsh punishments can make or break them but it is absolutely not worth that risk. Try to go with time-outs instead of punishments that may make lasting impacts.

  1. Praise and appreciate

We often forget to praise our children just for being who they are rather than for what they do. Let your child know you see them and praise them for their unique qualities.

  1. Avoid comparisons

Comparing your child to others will affect their self-esteem. Instead of comparing them to others, encourage them to compete with themselves.

  1. Seek support when needed

It is okay to ask for help when things get tough. Nobody judges you if you ask for help. Raising a child takes a village.

  1. Read to you child

Reading to your child will encourage them to be a reader and will foster creativity and stimulate curiosity.

  1. Follow family rituals

Once a week, do family rituals like walking, playing board games, making breakfast together. These will strengthen the family ties and help you bond with each other.

  1. Get moving

Find an activity your child enjoys and encourage and get involved along with them. It will not only be great for health but also for better sleep.

  1. Apologize

Saying sorry to your child when you mess up will teach them responsibility and honesty.

  1. Take a break when needed

It is okay to want a break from time to time. Make them understand the importance of me-time and organize play dates and slumber parties when you need a night off.

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