Mother’s Day Activities for Speech

Mother’s Day Activities for Speech

Mothers are special. In other words, our friend, first teacher, and guide. Moreover, this bond is beyond expressions, just beyond words and pictures. Further, mother’s efforts are just priceless, from having sleepless nights managing a toddler to being an anxious mom waiting for their children to return home early, mothers are known to be the epitome of love, kindness, and selflessness.

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Also, for many of us mother’s day is every day. In spite of our age, we depend on our mothers for moral support, encouragement, and selfless love. However, to remember these heroes of our life, Mother’s day is celebrated internationally on the second Sunday in the month of May every year. 

Furthermore, when it comes to children with special needs, the mother’s role is very crucial. Mothers are everywhere; from being the primary caregiver to being their full-time therapist, educator, advocate, and so on. We have encountered many such mothers who day in and day out are involved in training their children with the hope of making them talk, walk and be independent. Thus it becomes crucial to make these children with special needs understand the importance of mother’s day and be able to express their gratitude towards their mothers.

Mother’s day celebration is not only an occasion for these children to observe, it also gives a platform for rich language stimulation which helps for language growth and enrichment. Through this article, it is attempted to use this opportunity to foster language development in children with language delay. 

  1. Marking the day on the calendar

A simple task would be to mark the day on the calendar. We can instruct the child to mark the second Sunday of the month of May on the calendar. The child would be prompted to mark it/circle it/color it on the calendar.  

2.  Mother’s are superheroes

This activity is for eliciting various verbs. Mothers being superheroes are capable of doing many works at the same time. The simple activity would involve asking the child what all his/her mothers do and listing the possible action verbs. 


3. Different avatars of mother

This simple activity would help the child identify different dresses mothers wear and be able to name them. Inotehr words, you can ask the child to name the various dresses mother wears or you can ask them to identify with the help of a picture.


4. Making a mother’s day card

This is a very simple yet very effective way of language stimulation. Additionally, this gives way for a lot of language input and creativity. Moreover, we can ask the child to make a card for his/her mother or we can even use an interactive platform and make a card with the child’s inputs. Additionally, we can ask the child to write a message for his/her mother and decorate it. 

5. Planning a mother’s day celebration 

This activity would give more room for the child to express. We can ask the child open-ended questions like “how do you plan to celebrate mother’s day?’.

These are just a few examples of how to work on speech and language stimulation using the concept of Mother’s day. Also, I am sure there is no end to using creativity using this particular concept. Furthermore, each one of us can use this concept in our own ways and let the child use their imagination. Few things to remember when we do a concept based activity are:

  • Keep it simple and short
  • Let there be room for loads of pictures/visuals
  • Focus on overall communication rather than just expression
  • Have different activities revolving around the same concept
  • Have scope of repetition of the concept in various context
  • Use natural communication pattern

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