Holi Festival of Colours: Top Speech Activities

Holi Festival of Colours: Top Speech Activities

Holi is a festival of colours. Children of all ages love to play Holi. It is one of the most loved festivals in our country. Once again, it is that exciting & special time of the year where we celebrate Holi Festival of Colours.

With the festival of Holi coming soon, here some fun-filled Holi themed speech activities that you and your children can enjoy at home!!

  1. Getting messy with colours!!

For this activity, all you need are a few primary colours such as red, blue and yellow. You can use Holi colours or even body paint. You can take your child’s hand and apply the colour red. Once you apply this colour, your child may take their hand and start rubbing the colour or even spreading it out. Do not stop them! Let them explore. You can then match other objects that are red in colour. Once you have done that, you can pour some yellow paint into your child’s palm and mix it to get a nice orange colour. You can continue this activity with various colours and their combinations. Keep experimenting!!

  1. Rangeela Rainbow!!

Who said you can’t have fun with food? In this activity, you can use Cadbury gems or M& M’s for a tasty & colourful activity. In a white plate, line up a gem of each colour in the order of the rainbow. Pour some water over the plate and watch the gems ooze out their colours. You can also watch the colours mix with one and another and have a fun time with colours. Take turns in picking a favourite colour. Whichever colour you choose, you get to eat the remaining gems of the same colour. Wow! What a tasty & sweet activity! Yum Yum!!

  1. Magic time with Colours!!!

Its magic time!! You will need some transparent glasses for this activity. Fill the glass halfway with water & add 1-2 drops of colour. You can choose any or many colours. So if you have 4 colours, you will add the four different colours in four different glasses. Here comes the magic!! Slowly add bleach to the coloured glasses & watch the colours disappear. Children are always fascinated by magic & love such activities. Once you are done with the activity, dispose the water safely.

  1. Water balloon Fest!!

Everybody loves water balloons. You can buy water balloons in various colours & fill them up with water. You can even add colour to the water balloons to add to the fun. Tie them up and place them in a bucket. You can have fun with your child by throwing these balloons at one another. You can also encourage or help your child to hold a cricket bat and ask another family member to throw the balls at you both. Hit the balls & make a splash!! Remember to have fun!


  1. Ladoos: A Tasty Holi treat

Ladoo is a favourite sweet of every Indian, especially children. And what a wonderful occasion it is to celebrate Holi with some colourful sweets! You can make the simplest ladoos using desiccated coconut, some condensed milk & food colours. Mix the coconut & condensed milk according to your preferences & add divide the mixture according to the number of food colours that you have. You can add the food colours and ask your child to mix them with their hands. Teach them how to make round ladoos. You can also try out various shapes & sizes as well. Don’t worry if they don’t turn out to be round. Your child will eat them anyway because they are going to be delicious!!

  1. The Holi Book

You can make a book of colours during this Holi festival. You can choose a colour per day. So if you choose Red colour for Monday, you add pictures of the objects that you see on that day that are red in colour. It can be common objects at home, fruits, clothing, vegetables, and vehicles anything. You can take pictures and make a book on those items. The next day, you can choose different colour and continue this throughout the week!

  1. Stories on Holi

Tell your children stories about Holi & how the festival originated. Show them videos and ask them questions at the end of the video or even in between by pausing after every scene. You can ask them to even describe the objects in the paused scene. Take turns to ask questions & encourage them to ask you some simple questions. For older children, you can ask them to summarize the story in their own words at the end.


  1. DIY Holi Colours

You can make your own Holi powder at home by using simple home ingredients. All you need is some cornflour. You can add various organic colours like rose petal powder, beetroot powder, turmeric powder, etc based on the colours that you want. Just mix the powder with some cornflour for some dry powder & use it to play. You can also add water to make pastes or liquids of these colours.

Holi themed language activities

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