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Best Apps to help your Toddler Talk

Best Apps to help your Toddler Talk

Nowadays there are various apps that help your toddler talk. These apps help with speech and language development. Here is a description of some apps that you would have heard of. All the following apps target speech and language skills. The links to the apps are also added below.

  1. 100 words for Babies and Toddlers 

This app helps your child develop an interest in learning new vocabulary. The app uses colourful graphics and vibrant animations. It is mainly targeted at learning new vocabulary. It is recommended for children between 1 to 4 years of age. You can introduce vocabulary in various theme settings. These include  Zoo, Fruits, Bath time, Vehicles etc. When your child touches the screen, the app names the object touched.


Children can learn new vocabulary by means of repetition when the button is clicked. It has various educational benefits. Specifically, speech and language skill development, vocabulary acquisition, visual and auditory word recognition and fine motor skill development.


  1. Otsimo Speech Therapy SLP 

You can use this app to target language skills. It also helps in teaching vocabulary to your child using various categories. It understands your child’s speech with a speech recognition system. The app contains various categories such as vocabulary activities. It also includes articulation activities. To its advantage, the app contains a video/audio/picture recording option for your child with playback ability. If you have more than one child, you can make profiles for each child within the app. All the activities are fun-filled with a lot of games. Furthermore, this app is used by parents as well as speech-language pathologists.


  1. Speech Blubs 

You can use the Speech Blubs to target language skills. The app is recommended for children between 1-8 years of age. You can introduce children to various categories. These include numbers, colours, shapes, animals and much more. It also focuses on building sentences with attractive animated characters. The app keeps children engaged and interested in the activities. You can use fun-filled activities with this app. They are also educational in nature. There are various advantages of using this app. Such as it contains video models of a child saying the words. Photo/video recordings of your child with fun filters/stickers are an additional feature that you can use.

  1. SpeakEasy: Home Speech Therapy 

This speech app helps parents as well as speech-language pathologists. It helps to boost child language development. The app focuses on caregivers. It uses fun, easy and effective daily activities to promote speech and language development. It has different categories such as pre-verbal, first words, word combiner and full sentences. The app also has activities for different routine activities of your child. These include bedtime, playtime, bath time etc. It has an inbuilt tracker that helps monitor your child’s language skill development.  A speech-language pathologist has designed this app. Children with or without language delays can use this app. Written explanations are an added advantage of using this app. . It also gives videos and activity suggestions on a weekly basis. It includes a “Learning Lab” of additional articles that caregivers can read more about on various topics.

  1. Articulation Station 

This is one of the best apps that focuses on speech production. It helps with the articulation of specific sounds. The app helps you to work on a specific sound in different positions of the word. These include initial, medial or final positions. You can also choose whether you want to work at the word level or sentence level.  Speech therapists can use this app to assign activities for a home plan. You can use it with the guidance of a speech therapist.

The advantages of the app are that it covers all the English consonants. It also has the picture option to practise the words. It has the option for the parent or child to record their speech while using or practising their sounds. And it also has various activities to work on the different sounds.



It is important to remember that any app that you use with your child must be done by consulting a speech-language pathologist. Consult with us today!!

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