Benefits of Speech Therapy

Benefits of Speech Therapy

Benefits of Speech Therapy

speech therapy benefits

Speech Therapy in India is a field of expertise practiced by Speech Language Pathologists that focuses on improving/ intervening one’s speech, language, cognitive skills, communication, voice and swallowing issues a person is facing. These concerns could either be of a child or an adult.

Speech Therapy in India many people think that it’s just an act of speaking or it is just to do something with ‘talking’. On the contrary, speaking is just a part of the vast domain of speech therapy. Other aspects involve language, using pictures, gestures, building understanding, improving voice, fluency, retrieving information from the past and overall communication.There are many benefits of Speech therapy and here is a list of the different conditions that benefit from Speech Therapy.

Speech Therapy practiceIn non – verbal condition:

Children who are non – verbal also get huge  benefits from Speech Therapy. Therapy for non verbal children involves teaching them to communicate meaningfully and effectively through non – verbal means of communication.  For e.g Using pictures , gestures, PECS or other AAC modalities.

Muscle weakness:

Children and adults who present with weakness/ paralysis in mouth – neck region have difficulties pronouncing certain sounds. In this condition, Speech Therapists work to strengthen the weak muscles and implement ways to correct the pronunciation errors.

Misarticulation or wrong pronunciation:

Children’s speech gets clearer as they grow. Some children fail to reach the correct articulation required to pronounce certain sounds. In such a situation Speech Therapists work on improving the articulation of particular sounds by teaching them evidence based strategies to correct the pronunciation/articulation.

Misarticulation due to structural abnormality:

Structural abnormalities such as Cleft lip and Palate, tongue tie etc affect speech. After the surgical intervention to repair the structural abnormality, Speech Therapists help in improving the articulation of the speech by customising therapy procedures and techniques for each client.

Front view of open mouth showing complete cleft palate.

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Fluency is flow of speech. Flow of speech can be interrupted by stammering/ stuttering or cluttering which is rapid speaking rate that makes speech unintelligible. Speech therapists work on reducing the dysfluencies by teaching various techniques and exercises that facilitate smooth flow of speech. 

Change in Voice:

Good quality of voice is an essential part of communication. People who use voice regularly for their profession such as teachers, actors, singers, mimic artists, commentators etc. face change in voice due to overuse of their voice.  Voice quality also gets disturbed by different conditions such as vocal nodules, vocal polyps, vocal cord paralysis etc.

Depending upon the condition, voice may seem breathy, husky or strained. Speech Therapists work closely to improve the quality of voice by providing personalised vocal hygiene tips, exercises to relax and get back their original voice.

Puberphonia or female like voice in adult males:

Children’s voices  sound similar when they are younger. As they grow, their voice starts to change. On reaching puberty, Boys have major changes in their voice. It becomes low pitched and sounds like deeper male – voice. In some instances, voice does not change by itself; it continues to stay high pitched which sounds like female voice.

Speech Therapists help in such instances to attain the low pitch voice that sounds like an adult male. This is achieved by various techniques that are customised to the client.

Language Deficits :

Various conditions that affect language, communication skills,  cognitive skills and/ or social pragmatic skills such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Intellectual Disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Hearing Impairment, Cerebral Palsy, syndromic conditions etc. will require intervention from a Speech Language Pathologist.

Speech Therapists work to improve the understanding, expressing verbally or non verbally, effective communication, cognitive skills and/ or social pragmatic skills.

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Apraxia, phonological disorder:

These are the conditions that affect the pronunciation of certain words. Here Speech therapists work to improve the speaking skills, thereby help clients to pronounce appropriately. 

phonological disorder

Post Stroke Conditions:

Adults who suffer stroke, might have difficulties in speaking, understanding and expressing thoughts, ideas and/or difficulties in swallowing. Speech Therapists work closely to improve such clients to improve their communication.

Cancer or Post cancer conditions:

Cancers of the throat and oral cavity may often require surgical removal of affected parts. This will directly affect the speech and/ or swallowing. Speech therapists works closely in such conditions to rehabilitate patients to improve their speaking and swallowing.

Post cancer conditions

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Disorders of resonance:

Speaking involves well balanced use of oral and nasal cavities. In some instances, these précised movements get affected and speech may sound too nasal or may lack in nasality. In such instances, Speech Therapists work on to improve the appropriate use of oral – nasal cavities thereby improving the quality of speech. 

To summarise, there are many benefits of speech therapy. Speech Therapy in India is required to understand the meaning of words/ sentences, express needs, thoughts and ideas in an appropriate way, for developing conversational skills, self regulation, social appropriateness, better articulation and so on. 

If you find your child or any beloved needs help in any of these areas, please do contact us for further assistance.

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    Thanks for informing me that speech therapy can help someone who recently underwent surgical intervention for a cleft lip to improve speech articulation. My nephew, Matthew, has a cleft lip, and his mother, my sister, plans to have it surgically improved when he turns nine. I’ll share this with her, so she would consider speech-language therapy for Matthew after surgery. Thanks!

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    Useful Blog, Thanks for sharing to us

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