In Conversation with Mrs. Bharati Kapoor

In Conversation with Mrs. Bharati Kapoor

In Conversation with Mrs. Bharati Kapoor

Next in our Wall of Fame series, we are proud to feature a Psychologist, Senior Special Educator, Education Consultant & Healer Mrs. Bharati Kapoor. Years of dedication , a farsighted vision and passion to help the society are her hallmark traits. Here are some excerpts from our interview with her.

We would like to know about you in your own words.

I am a Psychologist, Counsellor and Special Educator. I also train teachers in special education and counseling. Bharati Kapoor am the General Secretary of an NGO Joy Lall Memorial Educational Society, under which we run two main programs- ODE (Optimizing Development in Education) Learning Institute, and EmPower. I also have forayed into alternative healing methods and believe that they are truly going to bring lasting changes. Meditation is a special interest of mine. Have created more than a hundred meditations. Also creating programs in English and Hindi for students is of special interest to me.

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What motivated you to the field of Special Education and Learning Disability?

The realization that even someone with a high intelligence can do poorly at academics wanted me to understand why and how. Luckily I was in Bangalore and was guided to seek help for Dysgraphia.

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How did the journey of ‘Joy Lall Memorial Educational Society’ begin?

The journey of Joy Lall Memorial Educational Society began in 1999 though we registered it in 2004. Joy was my brother who was martyred in Kargil. It started by setting up ODE Learning centre, and beginning advocacy for learning disability which at that time was a humungous task. We started with conducting workshops and a small evening Remedial centre in Panchkula.

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How does your typical work day look?

There are no typical days actually, if I am doing workshops I may be conducting them, in the morning, in the afternoon I visit one of the centers. Late evening I may have counseling sessions in my home office. Late night finds me doing either Skype sessions or creating programs. My normal day ends around 2 a.m.

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Mrs Bharati was also a resource person for our popular Facebook Live Show – Speech Hour on Learning Disability. Click here to watch the video on Facebook.

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Who all are benefited from the various services offered at Joy Lall Memorial Educational Society?

That list would be very long, many schools, SSA Chandigarh, SSA Punjab, many colleges, specially educational colleges. Universities and of course innumerable children with LD and co-morbid conditions.

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Are there any training/ certification programs offered for professionals?

There are training programs, namely TEACHLD which is for learning disabilities, and a course on counseling and many one and two day courses.

What has been most overwhelming experience till date for you?

So many, but the one that touched me the most is when a child who had been referred to us when he was in the 6th for mental retardation came back to tell us that he was an engineer and working in renewable energy.

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We heard about the Fashion Show you conduct for children with special needs. Would you please tell us more about it? What are other activities conducted?

That’s part of EmPower, Sharmita Bhinder, my friend, who is the mother of an autistic child, and I started this to bring happiness into the lives of children with various disabilities, we conduct art music and dance workshops for them, we tie up with major hotels and hold programs for underprivileged children

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You have been in field for 20+ years. What would be your tips/ suggestions for young budding professionals?

Train yourself, work with somebody for some time, have patience and believe in your own ability to bring a change,

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Senior Special Educator, Education Consultant & Healer… How else we can see you?

An author, who shall be published soon, God willing.

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What an inspirational and motivational information for so many young professionals and parents of children with special needs. Team 1SpecialPlace wishes Mrs. Bharathi Kapoor all the very best for all the future endeavours.

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