Speech Therapy, Then and Now #10 year challenge

Speech Therapy, Then and Now #10 year challenge

Speech Therapy, Then and Now #10 year challenge

Speech Therapy 10 year challenge, Just like any other industry, Speech Language Therapy has evolved since its conception in 1925. Technological advancements have offered promising ways to enhance intervention and treatment of speech and language impairments.

In the last decade, the world of Speech-Language Therapy has seen staggering changes. From improved and accessible resources to mobile apps and devices, there have been plenty of positive calibrations in the Speech Therapy scenario.

Here’s a list of changes that have come about in the past 10 years ( 2009-2019) . This article has been inspired by the currently trending #10yearchallenge on social media.

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Speech Therapy 10 year challenge

  1. Traditional Speech Therapy vs Online Speech Therapy

Traditional Face to Face therapy has worked beautifully since its conception. It involves a patient to travel to a Therapy clinic/Center to obtain assessment or treatment by a Speech Language Therapist. On the other hand, Online Speech Therapy aka Telepractice or Tele Speech Therapy can be taken from home. This has picked up great traction in the last decade. With the advent of improved internet access and engaging interactive platforms, Telepractice is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Seeing its scope and promising future, different countries have come up with various health acts and policies to ensure ethical practices.

traditional vs online

  1. Printed Resources vs Digital Material

Age old Flashcards, printable worksheets and activities have been loved by all. Digital No print resources are the new buzz word in the Speech Therapy World. You can either use these on an iPad, a computer, or for Tele Speech therapy using platforms like TheraKonnect.

Printed Resources vs Digital Material

  1. AAC devices vs AAC apps

Technological advancements have dramatically changed the face of AAC ( Augmentative Alternative Communication). Devices available these days are more sophisticated and user friendly.

Many Mobile/iPad Apps which employ AAC methods have become popular over the last decade. Such apps have made AAC technology accessible to millions of patients all over the world. Some notable examples are Touchchat, DynaVox Compass, and Avaz App.

AAC devices vs AAC apps

  1. Toys vs Fun Apps

We all have engaged kids in or outside therapy using toys and games. From Mr Potato Head to a simple bubble wand, everything has been so special. Since the last decade many mobile apps have become extremely popular in Speech Therapy. Apps like Articulation Station, Smarty Ears, Speech Doctor, Speech Blubs, ArtikPix, Pocket SLP, Word Vault are all worthy! Snapchat and other fun filter apps are also being used to make therapy fun.

Many new generation websites offer great resources. HearBuilder, Starfall, ABCmouse, PBSkids, Twinkl are wonderful.

Toys vs Fun Apps

  1. Books vs eBooks

Books are used in many contexts in the Speech Language Therapy world. Be it text books for therapists or story books for children in therapy or even resource guides for parents, books are by far the best resources for knowledge and learning. The last decade has seen thousands of eBooks being created. Story eBooks are being widely used for children in therapy . Some portals like Epic, Free Kids Books, Kindle Library etc offer great value for everyone.

Books vs eBooks

  1. CDs vs Youtube

If you are someone who enchants your kids with your singing and videos you will agree that Youtube has made everything so accessible! I remember using video CDs in my speech therapy sessions to reward my students and also to teach language concepts. But with  internet alongside, everything is at your fingertips. In the last decade, therapists have been engaging and rewarding children with rhymes and songs from thousands of videos available on Youtube.

CDs vs youtube

  1. Workshops vs Webinars

Many years ago the best way to train parents or fellow professionals  was through workshops. The last decade saw the outbreak of webinars and online courses in the Speech Therapy world. It’s so easy now to access information and even gather certifications + professional points by attending webinars from your home/office.

workshop vs webinar

  1. TV shows vs Podcast shows

In the  2000s TV shows with master minds on a panel discussion became quite a hit. Expanding this idea, the last decade visualised the rise of some podcasts shows with experts conversing about key issues in Speech Language Pathology. Some noteworthy shows – Conversations in Speech Pathology, XceptionalEd, Talking with Tech, The Whimsical Word Podcast, Speech Therapy – Storm of the Brains. Stay tuned for our own podcast show which will be airing soon.

TV shows vs Podcast shows

  1. Newsletters vs Instagram stories

A decade ago, newsletters, pamphlets and Year Books were considered the best ways to spread your success stories! With social media becoming a part of our everyday, Facebook Lives and Instagram stories have become gigantic tools to share your work and ideas with the world. Instagram and Facebook are both flooded with posts by Speech Language Therapists. Some trending hashtags on Insta are – #slp #slpeeps #speechlanguagetherapy.  Even you can follow us on Instagram,  Facebook and Twitter !

newsletters vs IG

  1. Backpack vs Boom Cards & Google Classroom

An effective Speech Therapy program entails homework that’s given to the students. Worksheets and Practice sheets have been used by most therapists. The last decade brought tech creativity in this arena as well. Programs like Boom Learning and Google Classroom have enabled therapists and educators to design customised home lessons which children enjoy to do themselves. Google Classroom also enables easy sharing of information between therapists/schools and parents.

Backpack vs Boom Cards


  1.  Local vs Global

It’s fascinating that at a click on your phone, you sitting in India are able to dial into your favourite USA based Speech Therapist’s Pinterest Board!  A decade ago our information was very local but thanks to technology, today the world is more integrated. Information and knowledge spread easily and faster and through multiple channels than they did a decade ago.

Local vs Global

Do share your ideas about the changes that you have come across in these 10 years while taking or doing speech therapy.

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Speech Therapy 10 year challenge

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  • Anveshika

    As you mentioned in the article there are many techniques that give new version for speech therapy. However, there is a need to open the mind of the individuals. And we can use these new technologies in the speech therapy, group therapy, occupational therapy etc.
    Moreover, a good therapist can easily manage their dear ones.

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