Spectrum of Hope- Mohit Lakhani

Spectrum of Hope- Mohit Lakhani

“Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow has not yet come.

We have only today. Let us begin.”

-Mother Teresa

In yet another tete-e-tete, in the parent-interview series, we present the beautiful journey of Mohit Lakhani, a handsome young lad with autism, and his mother, Mrs. Kamini Lakhani. The powerful mother-son duo has waddled through deep waters and emerged victorious with their positivity and hard-work. Mrs. Kamini Lakhani shares with our readers, her struggles and challenges and her willpower to turn these hurdles into beautiful opportunities of learning.


Q. Please introduce your son and yourself to our readers.

Mohit is a 29 year old, handsome young man. He is fun loving with a sense of humor. He enjoys music- he knows hundreds of Bollywood songs and Bhajans. He’s a talented artist. That’s his passion and his area of work. My name is Kamini Lakhani. I enjoy reading, writing, music and the arts. Working with autistic individuals is my passion. I feel blessed to be in this field. I didn’t come here by choice. But I feel it’s my life’s mission.

Q. When was Mohit first diagnosed, and what were your immediate reactions to the diagnosis?

Mohit was diagnosed at age 3. I was angry, upset, grieved and denial when the diagnosis came. I just couldn’t accept it. Read the story here…


Q. How did your perceptions and outlook towards Autism evolve over time?

From inacceptance, I moved to ‘qualified acceptance.’ I accepted Mohit but I wanted him to be a certain way. I thought I could ‘cure’ him of autism, only if I worked hard enough. Maybe if I worked hard, the mask would fall off and my ‘real son’ would emerge. What a fallacy land I lived in! I realized after many years that autism is a way of being. I realized if I gave Mohit a chance, he would emerge as the wonderful individual he was- and he did. Today I believe that autistic individuals are brilliant and highly spiritual- even the individuals who don’t speak. Once we accept them and give them the tools, they emerge in their glory. Incidentally, this is my book’s theme. We hope to publish the book soon.

Q. How has your journey with Mohit been through these years?

Now that I think of it, I can’t believe 29 years have gone by. Where did all that time go? Initially it was a journey of stress and expectation. Later, as I changed, Mohit changed too. We both relaxed. The seizures have been difficult. Autism is a way of being but health issues cause stress. It’s been a journey full of learning and understanding.

Q. What kind of interventions have you been providing Mohit, from the time of diagnosis?

I think I’ve tried everything under the sun J ABA, Auditory Integration Training, Sensory Integration, Cranio-sacral therapy, Bio medical Treatments, Swimming with Dolphins, Speech Language Therapy, Special Ed, RDI.

Q. What is the greatest lesson that Mohit has taught you?

Love and accept unconditionally. I still aspire to truly implement this. He does it effortlessly.

Q. What according to you is the most important aspect in the intervention process?

Take a good look at the child in front of you. Build a connection with him/her. Build reciprocity between the two of you. Trust the process.

Q. A message that you would like to share with fellow parents and caregivers of children with Autism.

Love, respect. Give them a chance. Don’t let the work autism create a limit in your minds about them. And don’t give up hope- EVER.

We wish you and your family great success, love and happiness! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.



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