Online Speech Therapy Help Your Child

How Can Online Speech Therapy Help Your Child?

How Can Online Speech Therapy Help Your Child?

The contribution of technology in the field of Speech Therapy has to be applauded.  Right from state of the art tools and apps to the advent of Online Speech therapy in India, technology has brought about an evolution.Online Speech Therapy or Telepractice is the use of technology to provide therapy via high speed internet, webcam, headset with microphone or any other form of communication. 

Although traditional Face to Face Speech Therapy has been an obvious choice for everyone but the trend is changing. Telepractice, or online speech therapy, has broken down barriers to accessibility and is the new craze everywhere!

Online Speech therapy in India ( aka Telepractice or Tele Speech Therapy)  is the use of technology to provide speech therapy via high speed internetwebcam, headset with microphone or any other form of communication. Online therapy is a clinical arrangement where the patient and a speech-language certified pathologist communicate and interact face-to-face over the Internet. The session involves a suite of therapeutic exercises including listening, speaking, reading and writing.


Telepractice is defined by the American Speech–Language–Hearing Association (ASHA) as the use of technology to provide speech therapy services to remote regions. Janet Brown, the Director of Healthcare services in SLP at ASHA has stated “research shows that with telepractice a speech-language pathologist can provide speech therapy services, with the same results, as being there in person.”

Online Speech Therapy has been around for more than 20 years! Though in India its a recent concept, its a popular method in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

Online Speech therapy in India has the power to reach remote areas and localities where traditional speech therapy services are unavailable. With the advent of high speed internet and laptops/tablets/smart phones, affected children and adults can access professional services from the convenience of their homes.

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Ample of Research in the past 20 years shows that not only is Online Speech Therapy effective but also sometimes a better option for many families.

Here are some benefits of Online Speech Therapy –

  1. Online Speech Therapy saves time and cost of travel
  2. It promises better continued therapy overcoming situations like bad weather, traffic jams, unwell parents etc.
  3. It can be retrived from home/school/therapy center
  4. You can sit with your child to monitor his progress in the online sessions. Many a times in conventional Speech therapy centres parents are not ‘allowed’ inside the sessions and online therapy breaks those norms.
  5. Research shows that with online sessions even mothers learn a lot and are able to use the tips and ideas in day to day communication with the child. Hence carry over of therapy is significantly better.
  6. It can be accessed even if you’re traveling to another city
  7. Since the child is in his/her functional environment, online speech therapy is done in a natural way and the rapport between the child and the therapist is great.
  8. Online sessions can be recorded and viewed by a parent later.
  9. At 1SpecialPlace we even have group online sessions with multiple professionals where a child gets to improve social skills in a structured environment.

Children can suffer from a range of speech and language challenges, and finding affordable, convenient support can be challenging.

Problems that we treat via Online Speech Therapy –
  1. Delayed Speech & Language
  2. Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. Unclear Speech
  4. Stammering
  5. Cerbral Palsy
  6. Learning Disability
  7. Intellectual Disability
  8. Hearing Loss
  9. Apraxia of Speech
  10. Down Syndrome
  11. Cleft Lip/Palate
  12. Childhood Developmental Syndromes

Online Speech therapy in India

Online Speech Therapy is simple, convenient and highly effective at the same time. 1SpecialPlace is India’s first Online Speech therapy in India and we are helping families all across the globe. When we started online speech therapy, there was no formal training available for becoming an online speech therapist in India. Trainings provided by therapists in USA are great but can be expensive and not always suited for Indian clientele. As a result we created our inhouse teletherapy training programme at 1SpecialPlace.

Find answers to more questions regarding Online Speech Therapy by 1SpecialPlace here.

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  • Taylor Hansen

    I’m glad you talked about how online speech therapy can be viewed by a parent later. My brother’s son has speech problems and they are trying to find him a therapist to work with during the pandemic. He should try out an online speech therapist to accommodate COVID regulations.

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Hello Taylor,
      There is plenty of evidence that Virtual Speech Therapy classes have a positive impact. I strongly recommend considering it.

  • Levi Armstrong

    It’s great that you said that online speech therapy allows mothers and other family members to monitor the sessions and learn from them to apply them at home. My mom is looking for a speech therapist for my youngest brother, who has articulation problems. I’ll share this with her so she can consider online speech therapy lessons. Thank you!

    • Pratiksha Gupta

      Hi, You’re most welcome! I have seen positive changes in many of my clients whom I serve virtually. Good luck to you!

  • HNR Speech and Hearing

    Useful Blog, Thanks for sharing to us

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