Funtastic Play Ideas: CARROM BOARD

Funtastic Play Ideas: CARROM BOARD

carrom board

In each article of this series, different ways of playing with a toy will be discussed. Let’s begin to explore the games and enjoy ourselves!

This article explores play with the: CARROM BOARD.

Almost every household used to own a carrom board, back in the days. The game may not always be seen in households now a days, mainly due to the boards’ size. However, toy stores do keep smaller and lighter versions of the carrom board. For those of you, who own one or want to buy one for your little one(s); here are different ideas to play with the board and coins:


1. Stack the coin

carrom board stackThe carrom board coins are great to play with. Build your child’s attention and concentration by stacking the coins. Build a fun tower.

Break the tower while counting down from 5 to 1. Use words such as ‘Down’ or ‘all fall down’ and ‘build up’ and ‘once again’ during the game. This is a fantastic way to build language and speech skills in your child too.






2. Which pocket? ‘Listen carefully’

carrom board pocketThis is a listening game with your child. Label each pocket by numbers or colors. Write the name or put a chit corresponding to the number/color near the pocket. Give each player a few coins each.

The speaker must ask the players to listen carefully and then instruct them in which pocket they need to shoot their coin. For instance, they can say, “Listen! All coins in the BLUE pocket.”

The skill enhances, not only listening, but receptive skills, attention and can even become a socially competitive game for children to play together.


3. Make a pattern

carrom board shapesThe coins, the board as well as powder are needed for this activity. A child’s creativity can be enhanced along with patience, imitation and language skills.

Arrange coins in a specific pattern on the board, such as flower petals, or caterpillar; and pour the powder carefully over them. Slowly lift the coins one at a time, and a pattern emerges on the board. The child can assist and conduct each of these steps to enhance his / her skills. Language can be used to allow the child to ‘recall’ each step of the activity or to describe the outcome of the activity. You can even build a story around the shape made once the creation is completed.


4. Sort the coins

The black and white coins can be sorted by a child into two separate tubs. Label the tubs with the name or sample of the color. Allow the child to complete the task when all the coins are placed in a tub. Teach the child to indicate ‘completed’ or ‘finished’ once the task is over.

The striker and the queen coin can be left out during this game.

This game will build sustained attention/concentration, matching and sorting skills. Language skills and task completion can also be enhanced by allowing the child to indicate completion.


5. Choo choo

Spray a significant amount of powder on the entire board. Tape two or three coins together (lengthwise) to make a ‘pretend’ train. Each player must have a train with them.

Run the train along the board to make different shapes, patterns, letters and numbers.

This can be a fun, messy way to teach concepts of colors, shapes letters and numbers.



Hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas. Give us feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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