Speech Doctor Is Now Also On iOS

Speech Doctor Is Now Also On iOS

Speech Doctor Is Now Also On iOS

Speech doctor for ios

Speech Doctor On iOS, We had developed the Speech Doctor App and launched it in Google Play Store in 2016.  Proudly announcing the launch of the app for iOS users! Enjoy the easy screening and analysis of your child’s speech and language skills through your iPhone/iPad.



Speech Doctor is an app that assists parents and speech therapists alike in the identification of speech-related disorders in kids at an early stage. Through the app, a parent or doctor can get a fair idea of whether the child under his/her care needs special speech and language enrichment.

Features include :
1. Register and track speech development in multiple kids

2. Test both Receptive and Expressive Language skills

3. Get test results in easy to understand colour-coded format

3. Get results mailed to your Email address automatically. Share results via Email/Whatsapp

4. Get intelligent recommendations based on test results.

5. Take any number of tests

6. See previous test results and compare easily

7. Email our Speech Therapy expert directly from the app on completion of the test

For Who?

Parents, Therapists, Doctors, Teachers, Anyone dealing with children from Birth – 6 years


  • FREE
  • Research-Based Questions
  • Developed by senior pediatric Speech Language Therapists
  • High Test-Retest Reliability
  • High Validity Scores


Apple Users

Android Users

Speech Doctor On iOS

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