1SpecialPlace Bags SPECIAL PRIZE at Amazon Alexa Hackathon

1SpecialPlace Bags SPECIAL PRIZE at Amazon Alexa Hackathon

Amazon Alexa Hackathon

Amazon Alexa Hackathon Prize, 1SpecialPlace is India’s first health-tech startup company in the area of Tele Speech & Mental Healthcare. Leading from the front, the team at 1SpecialPlace recently participated in HackerEarth’s Amazon Alexa Hackathon. The competition was held in April-May 2018. Hundreds of engineers and designers got together to come up with something cool, useful, neat and awesome. Total number of applicants: 4380



SPECIAL PRIZE WINNER: Speech Doctor by Team 1SpecialPlace






About Speech Doctor for Amazon Alexa: Speech Doctor will assist parents and adults alike in the identification of speech-related disorders. Through the app, a person can get a fair idea of whether he or the child under his/her care needs special speech and language treatment. Read more here

With conversational AI, voice-driven technologies like Amazon Alexa are finally starting to enable the sort of magical interactions we’ve dreamed of for decades.  Speech Doctor uses a voice user interface (VUI), to engage with a voice service like Alexa.

This award and recognition go a long way in motivating the team to deliver the best to the society and reaffirms the team’s vision of leveraging technology for Speech & Mental Healthcare.

Amazon Alexa Hackathon Prize

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