Funtastic Play Ideas: DOMINOES

Funtastic Play Ideas: DOMINOESdominoes

In each article of this series, five different ways of playing with a toy will be discussed. Let’s begin to explore the games and enjoy ourselves!

This article explores play with: DOMINOES. A classic game, that is super fun to play with but requires some amount of skill. The domino tiles can be quite versatile if used in a variety of way. Here are different ideas of games:

  1. Make a path.

Slide2Use dominoes to create a path for vehicles, dolls or even the child to walk through. The path can be a fun zigzag, a straight line or even sort of like a maze. Make it fun by having a destination for the car/doll or child to move to. For instance, the car can move along the path created by dominoes to bring sand to a sand pit.


Attention, concentration can be worked on by getting the child to build the path along with the adult, by moving the car/vehicle over the path. The skill of pretend comes into play when using toys such a car or doll to move along the path.


  1. Create letters

Slide4Children can learn and strengthen their knowledge of capital letters through this activity. Lay out several of the tiles together to make different letters. A child can either imitate how the adult has done it or make it based on what letter is ‘said’.

Numbers can also be created in the same manner.


  1. Let them fall.

dominoes tiles fallingThe tiles can be made to stand next to each other, such that when one is made to fall, the rest fall down in sequence. It can create a fun sight to watch but needs agility and precision when placing the tiles.

A child can assist in placing the tiles in place. This can be done by imitation, by watching the adult. Alternately, small pen marks or tapes can be placed on the ground to allow the child to evenly place the domino tiles. Task completion and independence of task can be focused upon here too. Once the child is able to build the tiles well, different patterns can be created using the same. This would challenge the child’s creativity and spatial skills.


  1. Create your own design.

Slide5This game requires some prior planning. Use a plan sheet and create different patterns on it (that can be recreated by the dominoes). Patterns such as a large square, an arrow can be made easily. Draw the thick outline of the pattern and keep the paper ready for the child.

The child must be given dominoes and the sheet of paper. With the help of the dominoes, the shape needs to filled. To make it easier, you can keep aside the exact number of dominoes as required to complete the pattern. None of the dominoes must jut out of the outline, once done.


  1. Category

Slide3Paste different pictures on each of the tiles. For each category, five tiles can be used (therefore 5 different items in each category). From amongst the many tiles, the child has to

find a certain category and later arrange the pictures in numerical order.


BONUS idea!

  1. Let’s build a house

With some patience, eye-hand coordination and motor skill, a house can be built using dominoes. By laying the dominoes flat on top of each other (such as bricks would), walls can be created. The complexity of the house created can depend on the motor skill and level of attention of the child.



Hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas. Give us feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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