Everyday Items as Awesome Toys

Everyday Items as Awesome Toys: POST IT

Everyday Items as Awesome Toys: POST IT

As parents, we often feel the need to buy the latest and greatest toys for our children. It’s amazing how kids can find joy in the simplest things, and as parents or caregivers, we can encourage this creativity by providing them with a variety of everyday items to play with.

Fun games for children- The awesomeness of common items in play should not go unnoticed! In this series, we will explore one such common item each time and discuss five different ways to play with it.

This article is exploring the everyday item: POST IT

Did you ever think of using post-its for building skills? Well, here are a few ideas of how to!

  1. Peek a boo.

Slide2On a large white sheet, stick post-its in rows and columns. Under each post-it, stick some picture/photo.

In a game between an adult and child, take turns to uncover what is under the post its. This makes a wonderful game for articulation drilling or for working on speech skills at word level.

  1. Where’s the same color?

Slide3This is a game of color matching. It requires post-its of different colors (two to three colors). Several household items should be available in each color chosen, such as red – red mug, glasses, chair etc. Ensure that Take a post-it at a time.  Allow the child to walk around the house and match the post it (by color) to objects around the house. This is a great way to learn to label of common items while also building attention to detail.

  1. Make your own story

post it different animalsPost-its are now available in several different shapes. Choose a theme of post its for this game. Such as dogs, kennel/dog house, dog bone etc.

By choosing a theme, the adult can build a story with the stickers/ post-its and narrate it to the child. The child’s listening skills can be strengthened, and recall can also be enhanced.

Allow the child to narrate the story once again or even add details of their own.

The post its are best used several times on baking paper.

  1. Body parts

Slide4Draw a large circle (for a face) with hair. The body parts such as eyes, nose, ears, mouth are to be drawn on separate post its.

A child must take the post its and place the face features in the correct place. This will allow a child to learn about labeling the different facial features.

Alternately, a child can be asked to listen to the name of the body parts and remove a specific post it from the face. This is great for listening skill building.

Play the same game with different body parts (including fingers, belly button etc.) or even accessories (such as earrings, finger rings)

  1. Complete the picture

Slide5Draw a picture on a mid or large sized post it. Cut it in half vertically and keep aside. Keep at least 3 to 4 pictures aside. Initially take two halves of a picture and allow the child to paste them back together.

Next, place halves of each of the picture and let the child choose from the leftover post-its, to complete the pictures.

This is a great game to build visual memory and cognitive skills.

In conclusion, everyday items can provide hours of fun and entertainment for children. By encouraging imaginative play and providing a variety of materials for kids to explore, we can help them develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

We hope you enjoy playing with these ideas!


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