Funtastic Play Ideas: LEGO

Funtastic Play Ideas: LEGO

Lego bricks

Funtastic Play Ideas- LEGO: In each article of this series, five different ways of playing with a toy will be discussed. Let’s begin to explore the games and enjoy ourselves!

This article explores play with: LEGOs


LEGOs, which have been created by The Lego Group Company consist mostly of interlocking plastic bricks. These have been played by children and adults alike for many years. The company has created several variations and types of LEGOs. This article explores how to play with the LEGO blocks or the simple Duplo sets which include basic figurines and blocks.

Typically, the first way LEGO blocks are played with is to build a tower. Here are five other ways to play with them. Let’s get creative:


1. Sort them.

lego - color sortingLEGOs are available in many different colors. Use them to teach the skill of sorting. Sorting can be taught, by colors or size. Use language related to the colors, or size (big/small, long/short).


2. Where is it?

Slide1Using LEGOs for sensory play can be a lot of fun. You can hide several LEGO pieces in ice cubes (prepared in advance!), rice or even slime. Let the child pull out the hidden pieces and place them aside. Make it more challenging by asking the child to find a specific type of toy only. For instance – asking the child to only pull out ‘The small red blocks’.

This game gives a lot of sensory stimulation while building language and attention.



3. Build a story.

lego - duplo building lgThe simple Duplo sets are a great way to begin this game of pretend. Build a child’s ability to use pretend and make a story around it. For instance, if the Duplo set has a train and animals, use language to talk about how the train is moving and leaving. How the animals get on the train and wave bye to their friends.

If simple LEGO bricks are only available, prepare simple items out of it e.g. toothbrush or house.  Allow the child to build a story with them. E.g. reenacting a daily routine task of brushing teeth by using the pretend toothbrush.


4. Match a shape.

lego - tangramCreate a picture or drawing of a tower or figure from a set of LEGO blocks. The player is required to recreate the shape (from the picture/ drawing) with their own set of blocks. This activity requires a great deal of attention, concentration as well as attention to detail, along with problem-solving and social skills building (when sharing their joy or asking for assistance!).






5. Use your language.

Slide2Create a simple LEGO maze on a base. It should be created such that a toy car or even a small ball (a pom pom ball will also do) can navigate easily through it and there should be a beginning and end. In this game, two players are needed. One that moves the car/ball through the maze and the other that gives directional cues. Allow the child to move the car first and you (the adult) would provide navigational cues such as ‘Move the car/ball to the right. Now move it up. Stop. Move to the left.’ The game requires the navigator to give instructions till the car/ball is out of the maze.

This game can be quite demanding to a child’s attention, interest and listening skills. The maze can be made more difficult or really easy based on the child’s skill set. Keep challenging the child to more listening and attention as required. Also, remember to take turns to allow the child to use his / her speech-language skills to give you (the adult) the instructions.


BONUS: Stamp away!

lego stampingUse sand in a large bucket and a few lego blocks for the activity. Let the child use the blocks as stamps in the sand. Use language to compare the size of the stamps (e.g. long, short), the number of circles created, or the direction of the stamp created (e.g. lying down or standing up). This activity provides sensory input while furthering and generalizing language skills. I personally like playing this activity with Kinetic Sand!



Hope you’ve enjoyed the ideas. Give us feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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Funtastic Play Ideas – LEGO

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