Self-Control Activities for Children

Self-Control Activities for Children

Introducing new behaviors to children or changing or modifying the old ones can be a herculean task. Children are quick learners and absorb things like a sponge. Therefore, what we present to them has to be done with a certain thought and deliberately at times. Self-control is one such thing that we need to instill in our children sooner rather than later. Self-control will not only teach the kids to keep a check but also make them realize how much is enough.  Luckily, this can be done with the help of fun activities that are disguised as fun play time.

1. Blow bubbles.
 It’s no secret that taking deep breaths can help restore a sense of calm when big emotions hit, and a great way to teach this concept is to have children blow bubbles when they’re feeling anxious. Start by giving each child their own bottle of mini bubbles to practice, and once they’ve mastered the concept, have them practice blowing bubbles without the wand. This will give them an effective coping strategy they can use when big emotions threaten to take over during the school day (and beyond)!

Self control activities

2. Red Light, Green Light.
You probably remember playing this as a kid, and it’s a fun game to help kids work on self-control. Each time you yell ‘green light’, your kids can get up, dance, and act silly, but as soon as you yell ‘red light’, they must stand perfectly still. It’s heaps of fun!

3. Musical Chairs.
 Another great activity to teach self-control is musical chairs. Make a circle of chairs in the center of the room, ensuring there is one less chair than there are kids participating in the game, and then switch on some fun music. The idea is for the kids to run in circles around the chairs while the music is playing, and once the music stops they must quickly find a chair to sit on. The person left standing is out of the game, and another chair is taken away until there is only one chair (and one winner) left.

4. Create a Calm Down Box.
 Another way to teach children self-control is to ensure they have tools readily available when big emotions strike. Fidget toys, squeeze balls, and chewing gum are all great classroom-appropriate ideas that can help reduce feelings of anxiety and restore a sense of calm.

Self control activities
Check out my blog on calm-down box for details.

4. Hide and Seek.
A game of hide and seek in your backyard or at your local park can teach kids self-control. Staying completely silent while hiding isn’t easy, and maintaining your composure when you’re the seeker and can’t find anyone can be pretty challenging as well.

5. Twister. 

self control activity
Twister is a great game to help develop a child’s gross motor skills and work cooperatively with his or her peers, and it also offers a way to teach self-control.
6. Playdough.
Engaging in a good sensory activity with your child can help calm even the biggest emotions, while also offering an
opportunity to talk with your child, get a sense for his or her feelings, and brainstorm better behaviors to use in the future.

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7. Jenga.
 It requires great skill to remove and place blocks on the top of a tower, but what few people realize is that it also takes a lot of self-control for impulsive children not to knock the tower down while playing! Jenga is perfect to put self-control to test.
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