Neha Tiwari on Creating Awareness

Neha Tiwari on Creating Awareness for Speech & Hearing Difficulties!

Neha Tiwari on Creating Awareness for Speech & Hearing Difficulties!

Neha Tiwari – Wall of Fame – Feb 2018: Neha Tiwari, Speech Language Pathologist cum Audiologist

In a vast country like India where more than 21 million people have some or the other form of disability, spreading awareness about various disorders and the probable help available is a gargantuan task!

Meet Mrs Neha Tiwari, a trained Speech Langauge pathologist cum Audiologist who hails from an Army background and is shouldering this mammoth responsibility to create awareness and acceptance of disability and disorders.

1SpecialPlace is proud to recognize Mrs Tiwari’s selfless efforts. We mutually share her vision of reaching out to the masses in order to build a more aware nation!

Neha Tiwari teaching“I am Ms Neha Tiwari and I have been working in the field of speech-language and hearing from last 16 years. While doing graduation in the field of Speech and Hearing, I realized the lack of awareness about this field in India. I started raising awareness about this field during vacation. Since teachers play an important role in the early identification, I started with schools near my house. I completed Post Graduation in Speech and hearing in 2002. I have also completed PG Diploma in Counselling and Family Therapy, PG Diploma in NGO Mgt and PG Diploma in School Leadership and Mgt. Currently, I am a visiting professor at Institute of Health Sciences, Bhubaneswar,  an online consultant and also Principal of a pre-primary school.

I spread awareness among people esp teachers of both private and govt schools regarding speech, language and hearing disorders in school going, children. Neha am inclined towards social work and my speciality is in phonological awareness skills and misarticulation. I run a facebook page “Sachetataa” through which I spread awareness about various communication disorders. ”

esp teachers of both private and govt schoolsWhat is your typical day at work?

I believe in planning my day well in advance. Every morning, I write down a few pointers for my reference. Since, I am working as a head of an institution which has children with and without special educational requirements and also with speech, language and/or hearing disorders, I work closely with teachers as I am involved not only as a head but also as a  Speech Language Therapist. Counselling the parents and other team members is an integral part of my routine. I attend to online patients in evening.

special educational teachingWhat has been your most memorable experience while working in the field of Speech-Language Pathology?

Working and Spreading awareness about the field in remote areas, getting to know the ground level difficulties of professionals working in remote areas and how they cope with the limitations has been an enriching experience.

Neha Tiwari on eventYou are from a military background, how do you cope with the challenges life has brought your way?

I have always accepted and adjusted with the twists and turns life has taken. For me, getting transferred every two years was an opportunity as I could spread awareness, work in different states and could understand and cope with the real challenges while working in remote areas. Army gave me immense opportunities of social work. In fact, the job satisfaction that I have is only because of the opportunities I had been a part of this fraternity.

Neha Tiwari with hearing loss childTell us about your journey to starting Sachetataa.

I believed in working for the society and never thought of highlighting the work that I have been doing. One of my friends who was very much impressed by my work asked me to create a page through which I could not only reach more people but also spread awareness.That’s how it started. I am happy and contented with the response.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Mother Teresa is my biggest inspiration.

What according to you are the growth prospects of being an SLP in India?

The scope of working for SLP in India has been widening.  Budding SLPs need to realize that their role is not restricted to Clinics, Hospitals, or NGOs but they could also work in schools, early intervention clinics and as online consultants. With the growing number of people graduating in this field and increasing awareness, SLPs are receiving their due credit and the picture looks very promising both for professional development and economic satisfaction.

Your advice for young people pursuing Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology as a career.

My advice is that “not only think economic but social also.”

1SpecialPlace aims to inspire budding Speech Langauge Therapists and Audiologists through this feature of Wall of Fame. We congratulate Mrs Neha on her success and wish her sunny skies ahead! Subscribe to her Youtube Channel by clicking here.

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