Everyday Items as Awesome Toys: BANGLES

Everyday Items as awesome toys BANGLES

Everyday Items as Awesome Toys – The awesomeness of common items in play should not go unnoticed! In this series, we will explore one such common item each time and discuss five different ways to play with it.

This article is exploring the everyday item: Bangles. 

Bangles are generally easily found around the house. There are many types that can be used to play with. The best are colored metallic or plastic ones. A little bit of sheen would not hurt, but having transferable glitter or even sharp studs should be avoided. Glass bangles are definitely to be avoided while playing with young children for the fear of breaking when dropped.

It’s best to use bangles of the adult’s size when playing the following games, however, a child would love to try on bangles of their size also. bangles body part games

  1. Hang it. The child can learn about body parts by hanging the light bangle on different parts of the face. Such as – “Let’s hang the bangle on the ear.” Similarly the nose or around the mouth or even on the finger etc. It’s also a great way to teach counting, e.g. two ears, one nose.

bangles - stringing in scarf

Everyday Items as Awesome Toys

  1. Use a Scarf: Use a scarf or a long piece of cloth and assist the child to string the bangle through it. String one bangle at a time. Count while stringing it.

Once done, the scarf can be held on either side and the bangles can be ‘swung’ or else it can be held around the child’s neck as a pretend necklace.


  1. String it. Tie a knot with the string on one side of the bangle. Now wrap the string around the bangle, moving it in-out-in-out.

A wonderful way to teach concepts of ‘in’ and ‘out’ while building the child’s concentration. This activity is easiest when using a thicker string and bangle. When the child gets more comfortable with the activity move to thinner bangles and /or thinner string. This will make the activity more challenging.

  1. I C U: A fun game is to look through the bangle. Play games of “I see you” while the adult and child look at each other through the bangle. Also, a game of eye spy with a twist can be fun. Look at an item through the bangle, such as the fan. Say “I see a fan”. Get the child to imitate and look at the fan through their own bangle. Fun to build labelling, attention, eye contact.

Want to make it more creative? Stick together 8 to ten bangles and make a hollow cylinder. Make two of them and use them for the same game.

  1. Speak through it: Use larger sized bangles when playing this game. Put the bangle around mouth and say simple vowels slowly (a o i…). This gives the child the ability to focus on the mouth when saying the sound. Take turns with the child to place on the mouth and try to produce sounds. You can also sing a simple rhyme (Old McDonald) and play the same game.

Everyday Items as Awesome Toys

We hope you enjoy playing with these ideas!



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