Appliv Reviews Early Word Deck Android Apps

Appliv Reviews Early Word Deck Android Apps

Appliv Reviews Early Word Deck Android Apps

Appliv the popular Japanese mobile discovery platform recently reviewed our series of Early Word Deck Apps. We thank them for their kind words. Here are some excerpts from the reviews :

No longer do you have to take a wild guess on how to help their vocabulary bank. The simple tools on this flash card app will guide you at every step of the way. Have it on hand from the moment your little ones are starting to talk, and add more to their growing list of first words!

Teaching your child to speak has never been more exciting or effortless! Featuring multiple functions, such as the option to mark words your child is struggling with, some of the obstacles of progress have been removed from your path.

As you go through the fifty words, marking them will also make it easier to identify which pronunciations your children have difficulty with. Alternatively, it might reveal a pattern about the kind of objects they have trouble associating with words![/dt_sc_blockquote]

Click on the respective app logos below to read the review !


Early Word Deck - Part II

Early Word Deck - Part I

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