8 Unique Abilities that May Accompany Autism

8 Unique Abilities that May Accompany Autism

8 Unique Abilities that May Accompany Autism

Abilities that May Accompany Autism (ASD) – Do you know that autistic children often get unique abilities that may accompany autism? Along with the challenges that autism involves, a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder also exhibits areas of strength. Although not all children have special talents, it is not uncommon for individuals with autism to have exceptional skills in math, music, art and reading, among others. These areas of expertise can provide great satisfaction and pride for the child with autism.

If possible, incorporate your child’s areas of expertise into his or her everyday activities and use them whenever possible as a way for him or her to learn and excel.

Unique Abilities that May Accompany Autism

The following is adapted from Sally Ozonoff, Geraldine Dawson and James McPartland’s A Parent’s Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism. Just as individuals with autism have a variety of difficulties, they also have some distinctive strengths.

Autism is Neurodiversity

All humans do not look the same! We have unique DNA and features. Why is it so? We are made uniquely. This is due to genetics and evolution. Similarly, each of us has a different personality. Similarly, Autistic people have diverse brains. Their brains function differently. Like how we all look different, Autistics behave differently. Autism is a part of diversity. Hence, Autism is just another state of mind. So, accept the diversity in the human race! So, help and support them if not anything else!

Some of the strengths that such individuals have may include:

  • Ability to understand concrete concepts, rules and sequences
  • Strong long term memory skills
  • Math skills – Computer skills – Musical ability – Artistic ability
  • Ability to think in a visual way
  • Ability to decipher written language at a young age
  • Honesty – sometimes to a fault
  • Ability to be extremely focused – if they are working on a preferred activity
  • Excellent sense of direction

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